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Welcome to the website of the Best SEO expert in Bangladesh. I am Bulbul Bahar, Professional digital marketer and SEO specialist in Bangladesh with certification by Moz Academy, Google Analytics & Google Ads fundamentals. I have been working as an SEO Expert in Bangladesh for a long time and now providing the best SEO Service in Bangladesh. With demonstrated experience in SEO, I have worked in the marketing and advertising industry for several years and I continue to learn new things every day. If you check out the SEO expert profile in Bangladesh you will see a lot of SEO specialists in Bangladesh and you will find me there also. But my services are way better and unique than the rest of the SEO Experts in Bangladesh. Call 01710424241 or Hire Me Now!!

Best SEO Expert in Bangladeh

A Brief About Me

In my entire life journey in SEO, I have worked in a much-reputed SEO service company in Bangladesh and have gained good experience from them. With all the experience I decided to open my own SEO Company in Bangladesh.

I have been working as an SEO Expert in Bangladesh for 8 years now. Not only have I worked in companies to provide my SEO service in Bangladesh, but I also was an SEO trainer in Bangladesh. I provided SEO training in Bangladesh in various SEO Training center in Bangladesh. My SEO expert profile in Bangladesh was vastly popular between all the SEO company in Bangladesh. As an SEO service provider in Bangladesh, it is very important to know and have all the skills that an SEO expert should carry in their SEO expert profile.

My journey as an SEO expert in Bangladesh began when I was a teenager. I wanted to be a freelancer and therefore I started doing research on which path should I take. Then after thorough research, it was clear to me that SEO has the most value in the sector as it was very important. SEO is very important for businesses. And thus I wanted to become an SEO expert in Bangladesh providing the best SEO service in Bangladesh for the business that seeks it. Now I can Claim myself as the top SEO specialist in Bangladesh.

Advance SEO
Local SEO & E-Commerce SEO
Cyber Security
Digital Marketing
PPC Ads & Lead Generation
YouTube Video Marketing
WordPress Theme Customization

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If You are Looking for an SEO Expert in Bangladesh For Rank Your Website in Google Top, and Trying to Grow Your Startup Business You Must Know SEO Strategies and Basic Ranking Factors Of Google. Then You Have to Follow these ranking factors for a better Rank. In today’s world, millions of new websites or organizations are being born every day. At the same time, an invisible fight is being created between them. Fight to get your website up and running on Google, Facebook, or online platforms. And to win this battle, one or more Seo Experts of every website or organization are needed. There are many freelancers that claim themselves to be an SEO expert in Bangladesh. But none of them actually even have the basic knowledge of what SEO is and how to provide any SEO service in Bangladesh. Taking SEO service from freelancers with such an SEO expert profile will be a big mistake for your business. This is why I decided to become a local SEO expert in Bangladesh and help those looking for this SEO service in Bangladesh. Apart from SEO service in Bangladesh, I also provide other services that people or businesses seek. I also provide services like best content writing services, digital marketing services, web design, and development services, local SEO services, e-commerce SEO services, and others that require any online marketing.

Now I am Giving SEO Service in Bangladesh with my Experienced Team members and Bring 100+ Website to Google top Ranking by my Proven SEO Knowledge.

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SEO Service in Bd
I have been Ranking websites in search engines for over 8 years. I provide maximum results for each client and do more than SEO Service in BD.
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SEO Consultancy Service
Is the site not coming out in search? No visitors? Loading slowly? I know what to do! I am here to Give You the SEO Consultancy Service in Bd
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SEO Training in Bd
If You are Looking for Quality SEO Training in Bd, Creative Niloy can be the best choice for you. I have successfully completed 60+ Batches and 900+ students are working.
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For any Local Business, SEO is The Most Important Part to increase the blog or website’s visitors, Alexa rank, and page rank in Google. That’s why website owners spend money to get their site popular or on pages 1 to 5 of Google. But we bring your blog or website to the 1st to 5th page of Google at a low cost. In addition to SEO Service in Bd, we provide other services of digital marketing such as social media marketing, video marketing, Content Marketing, email marketing, SMS marketing, Facebook ads, Google ads, etc. We can be your faithful partner for SEO Service in Bd.

If your site has been working for a long time but does not appear in search results, there are no visitors, pages load for a long time, incomprehensible errors appear, and the like, We can offer you SEO services in Bd and SEO Consultancy Service Also. Our SEO Service in bd Includes:

☑️ Maximum Results: Targeted traffic, TOP positions in Google, Conversions, and Increase Sales online.

☑️ Return on costs: The optimal plan for SEO Service in Bd, taking into account the ratio of investments, profitability, and timing.

☑️ An integrated approach to project development: increasing conversion, analytics, working with usability, commercial and behavioral factors of the site, improving and developing content.

☑️ Advanced SEO Strategies for working with your project: SEO Strategies developed by our analysts, our own monitoring system, and tested relevant knowledge about search engine algorithms.

SEO Service in Bd
We believe in organic traffic
If you need to increase your sales, we know how to do it. SEO is continuously changing, but traffic from search engines still brings the highest conversions.
Importance of SEO Service in Bd
New businesses looking for an effective marketing solution for their business. The reason marketing is important is to reach their targeted customers. Many businesses can’t reach their targeted audience. This is a major problem for any business. There are many methods of marketing nowadays. But those of you who think that the old traditional marketing strategy is effective, then you are very much in the wrong concept. The most effective method of marketing now is online marketing. Welcome to the generation that is based on digitalization. Digital technology has taken over this generation and the ones that are still yet to come. The Internet has become a life support for many around the world. Without it, people can’t survive. Therefore, it is clear most users are now found on the internet. Google and social media are now where most people are crazy for and believe whatever they find there. Your targeted audiences are right there waiting to discover your business in the search engine. SEO will help your business to be found by users. SEO means Search Engine Optimization. In this process, a business owner opens his or her website for the business. After that, they introduce their website to the search engine, which is Google. And once bringing it in Google, the process of ranking starts. The website needs to rank on the first page of Google to get visitors. Ranking a website on the first page of any search engine is called SEO. This helps the business get its targeted customers from the zone or country one is targeting.
We specialize in only one service - SEO
SEO on a Website, the subject area in which our team works, is a well-studied environment with its own characteristics and dynamics. We use all the accumulated knowledge to do SEO on your site.
Why SEO Service in Bd can be trusted to us
As an SEO expert in Bangladesh, I must bring your website on the first page of Google with my SEO service in Bd. A true SEO specialist in Bangladesh like myself knows how to bring a website to the first page that would help the business owner. Not only SEO, but there are also other services that I know which can help your business get ranked. The best part of my SEO service in Bangladesh is that I can get targeted visitors to your website. Our Effective SEO Service in Bd includes the following steps: 1. Technical audit of a Website 2. SEO Strategy Development 3. Selection of keywords that Actually rank 4. SEO Content Writing 5. Website structure optimization & Technical SEO 6. Providing reports

Different types of SEO Service in Bd

There are different types of SEO services in Bangladesh that are available in my SEO company in Bangladesh. As a successful SEO expert in Bangladesh, I can provide a variety of SEO services in Bangladesh. There are a lot of clients who need different SEO services according to the type of website of business they are involved in. each SEO has its way of being operated. The techniques are different from each other. Although there are some similarities, the differences in the methods of each SEO is significant for ranking. Each strategy is used for each purpose.

As an SEO expert in Bangladesh, I have skilled myself in providing all the various types of service. In my years of practice, I have faced different clients who were from different business industries. This variety of clients is what taught me about different kinds of SEO services. I decided that to be an SEO specialist in Bangladesh; I need to master the skills of different types of SEO. I started taking a lot of SEO Training in Bangladesh from various SEO training institutes. These SEO training have been very much helpful for me.

Once I have seen and experienced different types of SEO services, I became more confident in providing various kinds of SEO services in Bangladesh. I gained this confidence by working for various SEO companies in Bangladesh. There is no exception for getting practical experience unless you work for an SEO service provider company in Bangladesh. After working for a long time in the SEO company in Bangladesh with Md Faruk Khan, I decided to open my SEO company for small businesses. And therefore, there are various services in my SEO company in Bangladesh.

SEO means Search Engine Optimization. In this service, there is a process that involves ranking a website on the first page of a search engine. The most used and famous search engine in the world currently is Google. Statistics show that most people or internet users now search for their required services online. So it shows that well-organized and strategic online marketing would make this searching for services very much effective. SEO is an online marketing process that will benefit both the service provider and the service seeker. How will it benefit both the service provider and the seeker? Well, you are about to find out. Once you, as a business owner, take my SEO service in Bangladesh, your website will surely rank in the first page of Google. Your website will have a rank in some of the most crucial and effective keywords that have a good amount of search volume. Once the website ranks in Google your business will be available to the others who search for the service that your business provides. In this way, you will do more business and make more profit without a doubt. People who seek the service will search with an effective keyword that will show your business on the top page. In this way, they will have faith in your business as Google is showing it on the first page and they will order or hire your service. Thus making more profit for you.

As you already know that SEO means Search Engine Optimization. This local SEO is responsible for ranking in local areas. In this service, there is a process that involves ranking a website on the first page of a search engine. The most used and famous search engine in the world currently is Google. Research shows that most people or internet users now search for their required services online. So it shows that well-organized and strategic online marketing would make this searching for services very much effective. SEO is an online marketing process that will benefit both the service provider and the service seeker. How will it benefit both the service provider and the seeker? Well, you are about to find out. Local SEO means ranking a website locally. It means to make your business famous in your local area of the neighborhood. Not necessarily your own neighborhood or area. If you wish, you can make your business famous in any area that you wish to choose. In local SEO there are some local keywords that are chosen and added in the content for making sure that the website rank with those local keywords. There are many small business owners who are will to gain and grab the market locally. As a local SEO expert in Bangladesh, I can assure you that I will help your local business real the locals around it and make your business way better than before.

Content is the king of any website. Without the content, there is nothing to rank on your website. Your website is meaningless without content. So, therefore, the content is the most crucial part of any website. In order to get the rank on the first page, one has to have unique and very much high-quality content on the website. Not only does it has to be unique, but it also has to be SEO friendly. SEO friendly content means that the content is written using the rules that are recommended by Google. This means placing the keyword in the right place, maintaining the keyword density ratio, and other factors that should be optimized. I provide the best content writing services that will definitely help your website rank on Google’s first page. My team and I even have a record of the ranking website only with the help of content. We understand the importance of website content writing services, and therefore we provide you the best SEO content writing service that no one else can. Seeing the readability of our content and the friendliness of it will make you want to read more of that topic. We write content as if it is directly talking to you. You need our content more than anything else. And we are here to provide you with the best content writing service you can imagine.

So you have a channel on YouTube and need to optimize it? You are planning to do a YouTube marketing with your business or product? Well, you have chosen a very effective method of online marketing. This method of online marketing has hit much business with a piece of very good news and profit. YouTube marketing will help the viewers get a more clear insight into your business that you want to promote. In order to rank your videos, you need to do YouTube SEO. And thus I also provide this YouTube SEO service that will help your channel for the YouTube marketing you want it to do. But there are some factors that you need to catch. The thing about YouTube marketing is that you need to get subscribers, likes and watch time on your YouTube channel. Without this your channel is useless and no benefits can be obtained from it. As without subscribers and viewers, there will be no one to watch the videos that you upload. Luckily for you, my YouTube SEO Service in BD is the best service that would boost you’re your YouTube marketing that you were planning on doing. I am The best SEO Expert in Bangladesh and With my Best YouTube SEO service in BD, you will be able to get thousands of real subscribers and real watch time that your help you add Adsense to your channel and get an earning from it.

Before starting the search engine optimization process for any website, you first need to have a website. When you get the website you then have to customize it. The web design needs to be very much attractive and most importantly user-friendly. Without this, it will be impossible for you to get visitors. The web design of a website affects the SEO and the ranking of the website. This is why it is important to get the best website design and development services for your website. I am here with the best web design and development services that would make your website the best. Once you take my service you will see that I am the best web development service provider in the country. I know how to give and provide effective website design and development services. My experience as a website designer and developer has proven to be very effective and helpful when it comes to rank that website. There are certain rules and regulations that you need to follow in order to design a website and then start the process of SEO. If the rules and regulations of the website are followed, the ranking of it becomes easier. Making the website user-friendly is very much important. Without it, visitors won’t stay at your website. If you are planning to customize your website then my website company in Bangladesh is the place where you will find the best website design and development services.

Many business owners have the question that what is digital marketing. They also ask how digital marketing is going to help their business. Well to those business owners, digital marketing is the process of effective online marketing. This is another kind of online marketing that has proven to be very much advantageous for the business owner. Internet users don’t the only hangout in Google or look for services in Google only. Not all your targeted are available on Google. A good amount of it happens to be or found in other digital platforms. We call this digital platform, social media. A social media marketing or SMM, in short, is also a very crucial type of digital marketing that falls under online marketing. Digital marketing or social media marketing, SMM, is basically doing online marketing of business in social media like Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram, and other social media. These social platforms are very much entertaining for the unique features each of the social media has. Therefore many internet users are found in such social media where they keep themselves busy with entertainment. These are very effective platforms for doing effective online marketing which we call digital marketing or social media marketing that could grab a lot of attention of the users and end up finding the right audience for you. As a top-class digital marketing expert in Bangladesh, I can surely say that this level of marketing will definitely come in handy for you and your business.

Advance SEO Training in Bangladesh

As an SEO Expert in Bangladesh, I have not only worked for companies as an SEO specialist in Bangladesh, but I also provide SEO Training in Bangladesh. SEO Training in Bangladesh is a crucial sector as it has a lot of SEO experts in Bangladesh. But be aware that not all the SEO expert in Bangladesh has the capability of giving the best SEO service in Bangladesh. As an SEO service provider in Bangladesh, it is very important for me to only have the best SEO specialist in Bangladesh in my team to provide the best SEO service in Bangladesh.

Being an SEO specialist in Bangladesh, I have been called by many SEO companies in Bangladesh to come and provide SEO training in Bangladesh. My SEO expert profile has impressed the local companies to hire me as their SEO trainer and give the proper teaching to the ones who wish to join this path of adventure in their life. SEO has many important parts and factors. There is not a single thing that I don’t know about SEO. So, therefore, as an SEO Expert in Bangladesh, I know how to give the proper SEO Training in Bangladesh.

When you plan on taking SEO training in Bangladesh, you will see a lot of SEO companies in Bangladesh who advertise by giving a lot of discounts. Do not fall for their mouthwatering trap. The quality of those training is not at all satisfactory, and you will end up learning nothing. Therefore, you will end up learning nothing. And thus, your dream of becoming a local SEO expert in Bangladesh will shatter like glass.

As a local SEO expert in Bangladesh myself, I provide the safest training that will help the freelancers learn everything there is about freelancing and will ensure that you become a true An SEO expert in Bangladesh.

The reason why most freelancers fall and cannot become a successful SEO expert in Bangladesh is that they do not practice after they finish the course. Also, they lack a lot of practical skills, which is the most important part of SEO Training in Bangladesh. This is why my SEO Training in Bangladesh is very much based on practical classes. I believe the best way to get experience is from the practical knowledge that you get to see and practice for yourself. Based on this, you can really get all the knowledge about SEO from your SEO Training in Bangladesh with me.

SEO Training in Bangladesh

My SEO Training in Bangladesh is unique because I provide online SEO Training in bd. If you are looking for the best professional SEO course in Dhaka, then I am the SEO expert in Bangladesh you should come to. If you want to be a successful SEO specialist in Bangladesh and earn thousands of dollars from your home, then I believe my online SEO training in BD will help you achieve that dream. I will show you various earning methods that you can do from SEO and become an SEO specialist in Bangladesh. I will support you till you get your first job in the marketplace and grow the confidence as an SEO specialist in Bangladesh. Not only that, but you can also do an internship in my SEO company in Bangladesh.

SEO Consultancy Service as an SEO Expert in Bangladesh

As an SEO specialist in Bangladesh, SEO consultancy is also another service that I provide to my clients. There are many companies and freelancers who have their own projects and are new to the SEO industry. They want an SEO specialist in Bangladesh to act as a consultant to show them the right way to do the SEO.

This way, the freelancer gets experienced in handling a project from top to bottom and is one step closer to becoming an SEO expert in Bangladesh. As an experienced and expert SEO specialist myself, I have completed numerous projects. I have full experience in handling a project all by myself. 

I have worked as an SEO consultant for many SEO companies in Bangladesh. I have helped them complete their SEO task with full support and success. The companies I consulted as their SEO specialist in Bangladesh are now ranking on Google’s first page and are now making a huge profit from their business.

They have obtained more visitors than before and are now in a very stable position in their business industry. SEO consultancy is an important service for companies that seeks aid to do online marketing. And I am here as your SEO specialist in Bangladesh to get your company running.

Our Proven SEO Strategies


SEO Consulting

Professional hourly advice from our SEO experts & Consulting on the withdrawal from sanctions, on geo-strategy and any other issues.


Data Analysis

A comprehensive free analysis of sites for a number of important indicators for promoting. It will be useful for both SEO optimizers and website owners.

SEO Strategies

SEO Strategy Development

SEO strategy is a plan consisting of tasks, the solution of which leads to the designated goal fo Rank in 1st Page in Google

On-Page Optimizations

Search engines use many factors to rank a website, onpage optimization is one of the ranking factor in order to improve your position in search results


Technical SEO

The main areas of SEO- work: Work on the site (content, internal linking, architecture). Work on increasing the popularity of the site (reviews, references, external links)

offpage seo service

Off-Page Optimization

Off- page SEO , on the other hand, helps you attract these hordes of visitors and potential customers. Off-Page SEO is an integral part of your SEO strategy

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Since 2014, I am working with SEO and trained people about affordable seo stategies and Successfully completed many seo Projects. Thats make me confident about Rank an website top in Goolgle and People call me now the best SEO Expert in bangladesh.iness.

The cost of SEO Service in Bd Depends on Keyword Competetion and How Much Time it May need to Rank. But The price includes a full range of services required for Rank in Google Top, including high-quality SEO Content Writting and prompt implementation of recommendations.

We are a Member of the largest E-commerce Association in Bangladesh (E-CAB) and Collaborate with Peoplentech Limited. That means that We Maintain Our Service Quality to acquire Trust From Our Valuable Clients. So, You Can Work With us Without any Confusion.

We Use Keyword Revealer and Ahrefs Keyword Explorer. These tools are given the best Keyword Metics and show actual competition.


We Will need Website Access, Social Media Access (If Exist), and a Webmail access like [email protected]

The cost of SEO service in Bd includes work on website and topic analysis, preparation of optimization recommendations and their implementation, management and an report in Google Search Console.
Key Terms:
✅ SEO Checklist 2021
✅ Competetor Analysis
✅ Keyword Research
✅ Content Writting
✅ On-Page SEO
✅ Technical SEO
✅ Off-Page SEO
✅ Complete SEO Audit & Analysis
✅ Social Media Marketing
✅ Youtube Marketing

We provide financial guarantees for achieving the Results that we forecast in the contract. If we do not fulfill the stated forecast, we will Work For Free Until We Reach The Top Page in Google. time to Rank in Google Top. 

The first positive dynamics is usually noticeable after the search engines index the first changes introduced to the site. A tangible increase in traffic and achieving high positions will require 6-8 months of work by SEO specialists.

Competitive research is crucial to your success as a business because it arms you with the ability to quickly identify industry trends and adapt to competitor campaigns or strategies in order to maintain a foothold or out-compete them entirely

Sure, You  Can Visit My Website:

All My Clients are Happy with My  SEO Service in Bd and tell me that the Top SEO Expert in Bangladesh.

Way too often. It’s okay; I’ve learned to handle the disappointment. Google is not our Property, so sometimes it will be difficult to rank a website within a desired time. 

But we work for a result, and in case if the website will not rank in google top within the time, then we will work for free until getting the desired results.

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