Best freelancing tips for Beginners and outsourcing enthusiasts

Best freelancing tips for Beginners and outsourcing enthusiasts

Freelancing Tips for Beginners: You can get different jobs depending on your skills and experience in the freelancing marketplace. Easy tasks include Search Engine Optimization, Article Writing, Data Entry, etc. Of course, since the tasks are easy, bidding is the most common and it is difficult to get them all of a sudden. A little harder than these are Web Development, Product Development, Software Development, Graphics Designing, etc. Hard work pays more than easy work.

freelancing tips for Beginners
freelancing tips for Beginners

What you do depends on what you feel comfortable doing and what your needs are in the marketplace. Always try to balance these two things.
Rates are determined based on how complex your work is, how long it will take to complete, and experience. Fixed payment operations range from $30 to $1,000 or more.

How to bid and freelancing tips for Beginners

There are two main types of bidding:

Project Fee: When a project is offered in the marketplace, you can bid on how much you will charge to complete the entire project.
Hourly Rate: In this method, you can bid on how much you will be paid per hour to work for a project.

How to withdraw money:

  1. Bank-to-Bank Wire Transfer: For freelancing tips for Beginners we discuss details about withdraw money. You can bring money directly to your bank account from some marketplaces. However, this cannot be done from all marketplaces, in which case you can use various online money transaction services. In this method, your money will first be credited to your account in the marketplace in dollars. After receiving the money, you can transfer it to the account of Skrill (former Moneybookers) or any such money service. In this case, you may have to pay a transfer fee depending on the marketplace. Then you can bring that money from Skrill to any bank account in your country. At this stage, the bank may deduct another transfer fee from you. In this case, you have to keep in mind that the bank must have a SWIFT Code. Otherwise, your money will not be transferred from Skrill. The whole process takes about a month for the first transaction. Subsequent transactions take place within seven days. You can see the following link to get the SWIFT Code of the banks of Bangladesh:
  1. Payoneer Card: For a certain amount of money you can get a card to withdraw money from your marketplace at any time. It’s like a debit card. With this card, you can withdraw money deposited in your marketplace at any time through ATM from anywhere in the world. With this card, you can withdraw money as well as shop online. It will even allow any of your relatives or friends abroad to send you money from their MasterCard or Visa card.
  1. Direct transfer from the client: When someone becomes your regular client, you no longer have to go to the marketplace to get projects from them. He will contact you directly by e-mail or any other means to give the project and transfer the payment of the project directly to your bank account.

Challenges of Freelancers & freelancing tips for Beginners:

When it comes to working with freelancing, there are endless possibilities as well as some challenges.

There is no set time to work, the client has to show the progress of the work whenever he wants. It can affect your daily personal life.
The monthly income of those who are new to freelancing can fluctuate considerably. And must follow my freelancing tips for Beginners.
Not all clients have the same promise, even if the work is done, some people pay the full payment later than the promised time.
In Bangladesh, this profession has not yet received much social recognition. But people’s attitudes are rapidly changing.
Some exceptional marketplaces,, – In addition to these conventional sites, there are some exceptional freelancing sites. Here is a brief description of them. This graphic design based site is awarded prizes through competition. And the prize money for this site is much better than any other site. Here the client will give the job description as per his requirement, you do not have to make an application to get the job. You will design according to the needs described by him and upload it on the competition page. The client will see your design. Many more designers like you will upload their designs to the client. He will choose the design that the client will like and in the end will give the prize or project money to the perfect designer. Themeforest is a popular site for graphics designing work. Graphic designers can sell their design templates here and developers can sell HTML and CSS coding as well as design. Themes are sold in ThemeForest, and Graphicriver for selling graphics, CodeCanyon for selling code, Photodune for selling stock photography, and 3Dation for selling 3D animation are quite popular marketplaces. we discuss here about ThemeForest earnings and freelancing tips for Beginners.
Two other such exceptional but popular marketplaces are and you can read freelancing tips for Beginners and earn more from Fiverr.


  1. A large portion of the freelancing projects come from western countries, with our time difference being 5 to 12 hours. Bidding starts almost as soon as simple projects are posted. So you need to bid at night at the beginning of your freelancing career.
  2. To understand whether the work is genuine, first of all, take a good look at the account of the person who posted the project. Check out others’ feedback about him. See if he verifies the payment. When you get the project after bidding, ask him how he wants to pay, when he can pay.
  3. Try to retain good clients. You will not get the same usage from all the clients, try your best to retain the one whose use is better. In the future, you can get a good project with his hands.
  4. If you have Escrow service in the marketplace where you are working, make maximum use of it. Escrow is a money deposit service in the marketplace that ensures you get paid at the end of the day. When talking about a project, you can ask the client to deposit the entire amount of the fee in Escrow. Once the money is deposited in Escrow, the client cannot take it back. When the project is over, he will discharge the money from Escrow to your account. If your client does not pay, you can claim your dues from the appropriate authority through this Escrow service.
  5. For some projects, the Employer arranges interviews. It is better not to bid for the projects for which the interview has already started because since the interview has already started, the chances of getting work from them are much less.

6. Learn to handle work stress and follow all the freelancing tips for Beginners. The workload in the freelancing profession is not always the same. Controlling yourself when the pressure is too high is a big challenge. Develop a good eating habit as a preparation for this. Maintain punctuality.

7. Keep an eye on modern technological advances. Try to improve the quality of your work all the time. This will help you maintain a good profile.

8. Without accepting any project proposal suddenly, think about whether you can complete the work 100 percent.This the great freelancing tips for Beginners.

  1. You have to give a cover letter while bidding in some marketplaces. In this case, the cover letter must be relevant. Do not use the same template in all cover letters. Try to make all your cover letters yourself, it will show your creativity.
  2. Always keep your workplace clean and tidy. Be sure to take a break in between work. You can keep a small notebook with you to remember your daily activities.
  3. Maintain professional dress and manners during any communication with the client or audio/video interviews.
  4. Be sure to ask the client if you like your work. You can learn a lot from client feedback.

Bangladesh in outsourcing:

The three most popular marketplaces among Bangladeshi freelancers are,, Bangladesh is in a very good position on these three sites.

Upwork is the largest outsourcing company. Bangladesh is now ranked 3rd in this largest marketplace for freelancing. At present, there are 6,000 active Bangladeshi freelancers in Odesa and the participation of Bangladeshis is increasing day by day. For this reason, Upwork has organized ‘Contractors Appreciation Day (2012) in Bangladesh and all the top officials of Upwork have visited Bangladesh on several occasions on behalf of Upwork. In 2009, Bangladeshi freelancers did 2 percent of Upwork’s total work. By 2012, that stood at 12 percent. In the quarter of 2012, Bangladeshi freelancers worked 620,000 hours at Upwork. has more than 25,000 registered freelancers. The position of Bangladeshis on the second most popular site is also satisfactory. Bangladeshis do a lot of social media marketing and search engine optimization work on this site. Many Bangladeshi programmers have now started working on as the latest site was bought by a freelancer.

Bangladesh is also at the forefront of other popular online marketplace Alliance. In a recent report, Ilan’s authorities named the top 25 countries in the Contractor by Geography category. This list contains the name of Bangladesh. The United States is in the top position and India is in the second position. According to the published information, there are currently 39,195 Bangladeshi registered freelancers on the site (as of April 7, 2013). The average work cost of Bangladeshis here is $9 per hour. So far, Bangladeshi freelancers have earned US 4.9 million from this site.

Bangladeshis mainly work on Data Entry and SEO / SEM / SMM. Also, the amount of other work including Web Development, Software Development, Writing & Content, Design, and Multimedia & Architecture. Web development or software development projects cost more. Bangladeshi freelancers need to be more involved in such activities. It is seen that a Bangladeshi search engine optimizer works for $3 to $5 per hour while a web developer in the United States charges 30 to 100 dollars per hour. It is only because of his skill that he can charge such a huge amount of money. In this case, Bangladeshi freelancers need to acquire more skills.

The contribution of financing to the economy of Bangladesh

A large part of the foreign exchange reserves we need in this country, which is dependent on imports, comes from expatriate Bangladeshis. In 2012, Bangladeshi workers abroad sent about 14 billion (Source: World Bank). Assuming a growth rate of 10 percent per year, by 2015 it will be close to US 19 billion.

Let’s move on to the outsourcing industry. Freelancers in Bangladesh have earned more than Tk 365 crore in 2012. In 2015, a total of 443 billion dollars worth of work will be outsourced. If we could take 10% of this market share, it would be about 45 billion US dollars, and if we could take 5% of the market share, it would be about 23 billion US dollars, which would exceed the current largest sector of our foreign exchange earnings.

About 50 percent of our country is women. And a large part of these women affect the national economy – they rarely do such work. But if a large part of them want to spend 3-4 hours a day sitting at home, you can earn at least 3-4 dollars a day by freelancing as 1 dollar per hour. If the total number of working people is 6 crore, then there are 3.5 crore women. Of these, if educated young women and women are half a crore and it is possible to develop them as freelancers, then the income from this field will be 1.5 crores per day. This amount of income will stand at 500 crore dollars per year.

What is SEO? Why is it used? (Part -1)

What is SEO? Why is it used? (Part -1)

In this tutorial, II will discuss about What is SEO. Welcome everyone to my first series on SEO writing. Looking at the title, many may wonder, what is the meaning of A to Y? It should be A to Z. The content of SEO is so vast that no one can acquire complete knowledge, and the rules of SEO are always changing. So it’s up to A to Y.

There are many tutorials on SEO, I will try to give you ideas about SEO from entry-level to advanced level, although the basic rules are the same. So it is essential to know the Fundamental rules for SEO. Seo is a subject that can be acquired through knowledge sharing. And if you have trouble understanding the meaning of a word in my writing, you can Google it or let me know. I said a lot, let’s go to the main context.

What is SEO
What is SEO

What is SEO (search engine optimization), and why is it used?

There are two types of search results.


We will talk about organic search results here. Because it is free, and paid search results can be given Ad if you spend money.

First, we need to know how search works.

The search engine mainly works with two components:

Crawler – It mainly collects information from different websites (via spider, robot/bot). Here, Search Engine or SE mainly follows any link, collects information, and stores it in their database.
Algorithm – Here, the search engine analyzes the information obtained, provides ranking according to the relevancy and quality of the content of different pages. SE’s algorithm depends on many factors.

What is SEO? Basic Idea About SEO

SEO – search engine optimization. Defined in Bengali, SEO is a set of rules/techniques through which a website can get more visitors/traffic from different types of search engines (Google, MSN, Yahoo, etc.). The chances of getting visitors also increase a lot if you can get any website to the first page of the search engine through SEO.

To put it more simply: if we want to download a song, we usually do google search and search for that song line. Now notice that after we press the search button, google shows the names of some websites where we can get that song. In this way, google shows the names of 10 websites per page. You may be wondering why some sites came to the front page and why the rest of the websites went to the back page – is Google doing what it wants, or is there another reason behind it? Surely there is something special about the first page sites, which other sites do not have. Nothing special about this is the SEO strategy, which allows you to take your website to the first page. And the first page means more visitors.

Those who are new to SEO can follow Google Webmaster Guideline. If you follow basic rules, then you don’t have to worry much about SEO. We create a website for visitors, so if you can present exactly what they want to know, you are 50-60% SEO.

Why a visitor searches: Either they’re looking for an answer to a question, or they’re looking for a solution to a problem, or they want to meet their needs. If you can answer their questions, solve problems, or give them the information they need through your site, then you have no worries.

SEO is usually divided into three parts:

1.On-Page SEO
2.Technical SEO
3.Off-page SEO

On-page SEO: Put, what you say about your website, and off-page SEO is what others say about you.

Technical SEO: Technical SEO Refers to the Technical part of a website. Technical SEO can Hamper a website Ranking, so it is the most important part of a website SEO.

Off-page SEO: Off-page SEO Means the marketing for website link popularity. The main component of off-page SEO is Link Building with high authority and trustworthy websites.

Uses of SEO:

Suppose you have a baseball site that is currently ranked # 10. If you want someone to search for “Baseball Cards” in the search engine, it will show in the # 1 position that you have to SEO that site. SEO is usually done using a popular search term or keyword. Now, if you want to take your brand name to the top by SEO and be successful, it is not precisely SEO. Because the search engine is smart enough and can easily distinguish your company name and keyword. And the main thing is, the more competition for that keyword, the harder it is to rank in that keyword.

For this, it is better to do some planning before starting SEO. Suppose you open a new site, which already has millions of competitors, and another one builds a site that may have 1000 sites, now you tell me where it will be easier to compete in millions or within thousands?

Hence, it is essential to choose the right keyword for proper SEO planning of the site. If the keyword selection is incorrect, you will not get your desired results because people use these search terms when searching for something. So if you don’t know what people are looking for, how do you meet their needs.

Hope you can understand what is seo and There was an invitation to read the next episode.Thanks.

25 professional digital marketing tips and ideas from professionals

25 professional digital marketing tips and ideas from professionals

According to a BigCommerce study, 80% of Americans made online purchases last month. Most consumers research products and services online, whether the final purchase is made online or in a store. Therefore, no matter what your business is, it’s important to have a well-planned digital marketing strategy.

digital marketing tips
digital marketing tips

Here are the 25 best digital marketing tips and ideas from professionals:

1. Offer a referral program

Want to attract your customers to help you get more business? With a referral program, you can do just that. ReferralCandy is an e-commerce store plugin that allows you to offer cash, credit, discounts, or free products to customers who invite their friends. Give customers a memorable referral link that they can share with friends and promote your program with beautiful and easy-to-use email widgets and templates. Click here for a free 30-day trial.

2. Twitter

Twitter chats are an unused marketplace that lacks startups or marketers inside them. Twitter Chat is an hour-long social media focus group that gathers information by engaging the target audience. I was able to double the number of subscribers and subscribers of my client by participating in several chats! Surprisingly for engaging the community and growing, as well as social listening and monitoring and learning what your customer thinks about your product!

3. Register your business in niche directories.

There is a certain type of directories that many marketers do not use properly or do not even know about these niche directories. This the most effective digital marketing tips. Niche directories focus on listing businesses from a specific niche. These niche directories will not only increase your visibility and SEO but will also make your business in front of the target audience. Therefore, you will not only see improved SEO results but also see an increase in the number of contact forms you send and phone calls.

For example, is one such niche directory for marketing and technology-based business. The submission is free but strictly controlled. You need to share a few customer reviews before your business is listed on the Clutch.

4. Set the re-targeting pixels

Facebook retargeting allows you to target your Facebook ads to people who have already visited your site and have shown some interest in your product or service. To re-target Facebook, you need to set pixels and tracking information in the form of your website or in any other tool that you want to use in the future. Thus, when you are ready to start showing ads on Facebook or redirect your ads, the audience is ready and waiting for you. Tracking pixels are not retroactive.

Facebook is a rich platform to promote your business, so be sure to check out Fit Small Business. The best Facebook marketing tips or digital marketing tips for small businesses as well.

5. Accept Mobile-First Design

Around 2016, we saw major changes in thinking about mobile design. Before that, everyone was striving for design-friendly mobile devices, but as soon as we realized that more people come through mobile than through any other channel, we must first change our paradigm towards design for mobile devices. Designing for mobile devices is a challenge in itself, but developing for mobile devices is even more complicated. Small screens and short texts require creative design methods, while they require laser focusing on the needs of the end-user. And, of course, do not forget to emphasize user testing, which is even more important today when there is zero-tolerance for BS.

6. Find the perfect logo

Your logo is essential for digital marketing. It can convey professionalism, brand promise, company values ​​, and mission – all from a few words and strategic graphics. Make sure it is the same for all your channels, both digital and print!

7. Require and verify information about your company on the Internet

If you own and manage a locally-oriented business with complex locations, be sure to request and confirm your directory management pages on search engines such as Google My Business and Bing for Business. By checking and editing your business information, you can help customers find you and tell them the story of your business using catalogs and reviews on platforms like Yelp, Citysearch, Yellowpages, etc. Just use a tool like Moz Local to Create, maintain, and transfer hundreds of business directory listings to major data aggregators to improve SEO and your overall online presence.

8. Use Facebook Ads to Explore Your Target Audience

When it comes to digital marketing for digital marketing tips, especially as a small business owner, understanding your audience is key. While endless filtering options on Facebook may be intimidating at first, take the time to really improve your search. Once you know who you are targeting, you can begin to carefully analyze A / B testing to find out which combination of ad headings, body text, images, calls to action and value propositions are best for your audience. Ultimately, even small improvements in how you define and target your audience can make a difference to small businesses. Keep things simple and use the feedback you inevitably get through data to take a steady step forward.
Find out more with the Fit Small Business » Facebook Advertising Guide.

9. Focus on your local market

Always compare yourself to your local market. Do not despair if you are not doing very well at the national or state level. Just focus on maximizing the visibility in your service area. Make sure you are in the top 3 listings for your service on Google Maps in your area. It’s not at all difficult if you correctly filled out your Google My Business profile, you have several links with the correct NAP data, and there are not many competitors in your region. You can also sponsor local events, sports teams, or community groups. These organizations will contact you and mentioned you on their social networks.

10. Add a long-form page for important information on your site

Design extensive pages with detailed forms of questions that your clients ask or those that are relevant to your clients. For example, the Brill Legal Group law firm uses a long-form page to show the public what to expect if they ever ask to Perform a field sobriety test. You can also make a standard product or service page a long page filled with statistics, graphics, and interactive elements to help promote the page higher in search results. This strategy has worked well in a Chicago law firm on the Briskman Briskman & Greenberg car crash page, which constantly takes 1 or 2 places on the Chicago Car Accident Lawyer list. It can also help you get key phrases with long tails.

11. Create a thematic editorial calendar

It is important that business owners understand the power and purpose of digital marketing and the ways in which all of their online platforms work to support or minimize it. From your email and Instagram to your website, Facebook, and LinkedIn, everything in your digital realm needs to be cohesive, clear, and in the same voice and brand. I invite brand owners to sit down and create a thematic editorial calendar, complemented by visually stimulating images, and then use a platform such as Hubspot to publish all their content. Sit down and spend a couple of hours each week on the upkeep and schedule and get at least 2 weeks in advance to ensure clarity and consistency.

12. Publication of summary messages

The roundup is a collection of interviews with experts and influential people in the niche. A well-executed review post, based on relevant topics in our industry, has received many opinions, endorsements, and attention from the most influential players. The extra time it took to create a pivot post provided a much greater return than regular blog posts.

13. Collection of email addresses

Getting someone else’s email address is gold. Business owners who have a strong website with a call for action to collect customer email addresses will be successful with their digital strategy or digital marketing tips. Create a pop-up form on your company’s website asking for your name and email address. Offer potential customers an incentive such as a free e-book or free consultation if they fill out a pop-up form. Use your company’s social media platforms. Post the form on your Facebook business page. Eighty-nine percent of marketers say email is their main lead channel (Malligen source). E-mail allows you to send personalized and targeted messages to customers, informing them of the services.

14. Use infographics

You need to create beautiful, interesting infographics to promote your small business. People love them because they are funny and because our brain can process images much faster than text. Infographics are worth a thousand words, and they are more often published on social networks than simple articles. They are also a great tool for introducing small businesses to potential customers when you are working in a complex industry, as they can summarize and simplify complex information so that it is easier to understand for your audience.

15. Use Animated Explainer Videos

Any small business that has a concept that is even a little unusual should invest in an animated video with explanations. These videos attract more viewers than regular talking-head videos because people like to watch animations more, plus they use amazing visual effects – which are not limited by the laws of physics – to show people exactly what the business does. As a bonus, people are more likely to share them than live video, and they improve the site’s SEO by following digital marketing tips or by leaving people on the site longer.

16. Create a scholarship contest on your website

One interesting and simple, but at the same time time-consuming marketing tactic is to create a scholarship with a scholarship landing page on your website and contact U.S. colleges and universities to have a link back to this landing page. It helps in your long-term SEO strategy, and also increases brand awareness and brings traffic to your website. Did I mention that it looks good when you give yourself to the community and help needy students? A scholarship may also be tax-exempt.

17. Use social proof

We advise every business owner (specifically small business owners) with an e-commerce site to use social evidence (customer reviews, news articles, etc.) and especially visual social evidence. There is a high probability that your customers will share images and videos with them through your product or service on social networks. If you integrate this content into your website, you will get great original content that is completely free. You also gain increased consumer confidence as user photos create a sense of authenticity. Finally, you get increased interest because your fans will like it when you want to complete their photos/videos and ask permission to use it on your site.

18. Use Clear CTAs and cross-promote your blog entries.

Design a basic WordPress site and start writing a blog. Google ranks websites that constantly create new content, so try publishing posts that contain at least 700-1000 words once a week, or if you can’t take that much time, publish them at least once a month. Make sure that your content is really useful to your readers and contains a clear call to action at the end of the post. Think of a large, bright button that says “Request Help Now” or “Get Help Now.” Finally, create social media accounts on at least Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn. When you publish your new blog post, share it on all three sites. Then share these messages at least once a month, because not all of your subscribers will see it for the first time.

19. Create a blog for your site

Having a blog gives you the opportunity to share your experience with the target audience; You can broadcast these posts on social networks to attract attention to your website, as well as integrate keywords to increase your SEO. This helps to promote your site in search results on Google, which leads to the fact that more and more people click on your site. The blog also allows you to collaborate with other bloggers/influencers who can work wonders for your link building efforts. Google favors websites that regularly produce fresh, innovative content, so the blog is a simple secret weapon in the digital marketing arsenal of any small business.

20. Keep your SEO up to date

Today we live in a world that is constantly changing and replenished with various movements, trends, and new information. This becomes a critical factor in search engine optimization, as even Google updates its algorithms more than 100 times a year. With this in mind, it’s very important to constantly update SEO to ensure that your product or service is always visible on the Internet and reaches its target audience.

21. Use native video content on Instagram

I believe that all small business owners should explore the potential of video content using Instagram Stories. Instagram stories appear at the top of the channel and are structured in many colors to attract users to the platform. The last 24 hours, reducing pressure to make each post perfect, and allow you to communicate with your audience in a more personal way. Be strategic and optimize every post using geotags, hashtags, and username tags. It’s also important to be responsive when people respond to your Instagram stories. Indulge them, start a conversation, or share exclusive content with them to deepen your relationship.
Learn more about using Instagram with Fit Small Business. Instagram Advertising Guide.

22. Be consistent with your company’s visual brand

Visual effects are becoming more popular, so create a free account on Canva and create graphics on social networks. Just remember, consistency is key. Use the same colors as your site, similar font, and style. If you do not know the color codes used on your site, take a screenshot of your site and upload it here. This will let you know the colors from your site that you can paste into Canva. Then you can reassign your schedule to social networks and your blog. However, before downloading them, make sure they are saved appropriately using a descriptive phrase. This will help your SEO and increase your visibility.

23. Target Millennials with Your Email Marketing

A recent Campaigner study found that millennials open emails more often than any other generation. Most millennials also prefer to chat online and shop at night. Since 80 percent of millennials show interest in coupons and promotions, send coupons late in the evening so that they are on top of their inboxes right at the time of shopping.

24. Never lose sight of your competitors

To stay blindfolded, you need to know who your competitors are – a good start to your overall market research. You must clearly understand how your competitors approach people, how they position their products, what marketing methods they use, and what messages they promote. “If you know yourself, but not the enemy, for every victory you achieve, you will also be defeated,” said Sun Tzu, author of The Art of War.
However, your presence on competitors’ websites can be easily seen, as well as the IP addresses associated with your business. In return, they can start a campaign against you. The best way to hide your legal online activities is to use VPN software.

25. Track your Google Ad Quality Score

To further optimize your campaign, keep an eye on your Google ads’ Quality Score. Optimizing this can lower your cost-per-click (CPC) and increase your average position. There are three main factors associated with Quality Score: clickthrough rate (CTR), ad relevance, and landing page quality. Although the clickthrough rate depends on both the position of the ad and the copy used, the relevance of the ad depends on how well-used keywords correspond to your copy of the ad, and the perception of the landing page on how relevant and useful to the visitor. Landing pages that work well typically include keywords related to the user’s search terms and are well organized/presented.

BONUS: Become a consultant for other blogs ( super Digital marketing tips)

Over the years, my approach to a digital marketing (and especially to SEO) has changed several times. I am currently focusing more on search engine optimization running PR. Every day, journalists, bloggers, and influencers seek out content that is relevant to your niche. If you can provide them with high quality, evergreen content that brings genuine value to their readers, they can reward you with a link to your site. At the very least, you get a mention that will in itself provide brand recognition. This is not only very effective but also complies with Google’s webmaster guidelines.

To you:

Digital marketing has become a necessity for businesses to flourish, and the above list is designed to make sure you are moving in the right direction. First of all, it’s important to remember that even in digital marketing tips, the quality of your ads, blog posts, and other efforts will always produce better results than quantity.
Did we miss any of your favorite digital marketing tips? Be a motivator! Share your ideas in the comments below.

10 Things That Don’t Affect Website Ranking On SEO

10 Things That Don’t Affect Website Ranking On SEO

For Website Ranking On SEO, Every self-respecting SEO specialist knows what needs to be done in order to get to the top lines of search results. Do you know what actions do not really have any effect on the site’s position on Google? I also want to talk about this in this article.

Website Ranking On SEO

Domain creation time

It is believed that older sites are ranked higher than younger ones. Yes, it may be so – but not because the site is 5-7 years old, but because the site managed to acquire a good reputation, various links, etc. during its existence. – all those that directly affect the Website Ranking On SEO.

But the domain registration date itself does not affect. Therefore, even if the site was created six months or a year ago, it already has a chance to get to the top. But what is important to remember – search bots are pickier about younger sites: they check to see if the site has poor-quality link mass or duplicates – and getting under the filter for new sites is easier than old ones.

The number of likes and reposts of pages

Now it’s hard to find a page without the ability to report to one of the social networks. Many people put such counters because it is fashionable and modern; others are confident that this will help search engine promotion. But in fact, the very number of reposts and likes does not affect the Website Ranking On SEO – the subsequent actions of users who saw the repost affect it. Therefore, having sharing buttons on a site is useful, but buying reposts and likes are not.

 What is the site created on

For the Google bot, it doesn’t matter which technologies are used on the site. The main thing is still the content that users see – and which are crawled by search bots. Of course, there are engines more sharpened for SEO, but there are fewer ones – that’s why the concept of “SEO-friendly CMS” appeared. This does not mean that Google will somehow especially highlight the site on this engine – just a system will help optimize the site for promotion: you can use meta tags and CNC, caching (to increase the speed of the site), etc. All this has a positive effect on SEO, but the engine itself does not evaluate Google separately as a positive or negative factor for Website Ranking On SEO.

 Type of hosting for Website Ranking On SEO

Google doesn’t care where you place the site – on shared hostin or on your own separate server. As long as this does not affect the speed of the site and its availability. Therefore, choose the type of hosting and tariff, based on the load and other characteristics, and not in the hope of getting a higher place in the search results and improve Website Ranking On SEO.

The number of pages on the site

All the same Google spokesman that there is no direct relationship between the number of pages on the site and its place in the search results. Here, again, you need to understand that more pages are more content, articles, more internal links, and other elements useful for optimization. That is, it makes no sense to artificially increase the number of pages just for ranking, but there is an increase in the number of useful content.

Displaying the site in the Knowledge Network and the answer block

The Knowledge Graph is displayed when searching for information about an item in the form of brief information about that item. And the answer block appears if the user asked some question (and Google found what answer can be offered to him). The very display of a site in such an area does not affect the site’s position in the search – it’s just that this site turned out to be the most relevant for this request.

And, by the way, there is one caveat: when receiving information directly in the search engine, the user then does not go to the site that provided this information. That is, when a site falls into, for example, an answer block, it is honorable, but … deprives the site of potential visitors. Therefore, there is a advice: do not immediately post all the information, but leave something for which the user can access your site.

Indexing all pages

Webmasters are worried if Google doesn’t index all pages on their site. However, in reality, if not all pages are in the index, this is normal. If the Googlebot sees that the site has two pages, the content of which is very similar, then it can add to the index only the page that has better and more useful materials.

 Error 404

It is generally accepted that the presence of pages with a 404 error negatively affects the indexing and ranking of a site in search engines. However, Google specialist Gary Lilies states that those 404 errors entail any sanctions for the site.

A certain logic can be traced in this, because if the 404 error really affected SEO, it would be possible to easily sink a competitor’s site using non-existent links.John Muller also stated that Google bots do not pay attention to links that do not lead anywhere; broken links in no way affect the ranking, even if there will be a lot of them.

However, do not forget that even if 404 errors do not affect the ranking, they can be negatively perceived by visitors, so it’s better to get rid of broken links anyway.

 A long list of keywords

There is still an opinion that, firstly, you need to include the maximum number of keywords in the <keywords> tag, and secondly, you need to place the maximum number of keywords on the page. Both of these are incorrect: the search bots no longer attach much importance to the <keywords> tag, and the bot will count a large number of words on the page (and the tag, by the way, too) as oversaturation and spam. Therefore, here you need to remember the rule that more is not better.

Usually it is recommended to make the density of keywords at 5% – that is, keywords should be in the region of 5% of the entire text on the page. A smaller number can lead to a decrease in relevance, and a larger one can lead to spam.

Paid advertising

Finally, there is an opinion that paid advertising can increase the position of the site in organic issuance. However, she did not find any confirmation in practice. Marketers working with Google noted that the position of their sites in the search results did not change, even though they spent several thousand dollars on advertising.


These 10 myths are not the only myths that exist in the SEO field. Some SEO-specialists still follow the rules that have already lost their relevance – in the world of search engines, everything changes very quickly. Therefore, follow the latest information in the official blogs of companies, try and draw conclusions.

Ten real ways of making money online without Huge investment

Ten real ways of making money online without Huge investment

In search of making money online, many users were faced with outright fraud. After such a not very pleasant experience, few people believe that real earnings on the Internet without cheating exist. We will try to dispel your doubts and tell you about proven and very real ways to earn money in the global network.

Even a novice can find work on the network. There are both simple ways to make money, and more complex, for which you may need certain knowledge or your website. In this article, we will talk about various ways to make money, both for a simple layman and a more experienced user.

making money online
making money online

How much can you really earn on the Internet?

How much can I get for an online job? The question is rather hackneyed and probably interests all beginners. It all depends on the chosen method of earning, and most importantly, on the desire and skills of the job seeker himself. Take, for example, a novice copywriter who intended to make money writing articles. At first, having desires and good working capacity, a user writing texts for money can count on an income of 10,000-15,000 Dollars a month. Experienced copywriters can earn from 40,000 to 80,000 Dollars and more. Having no experience and looking for simple money on the Internet, you should not count on large incomes.

Top 10 Real Ways to Making Money Online

There are a lot of ways to work in a global network. We will analyze the most popular and proven methods by which anyone can earn money. Let’s start with simple ways of earning, which will allow you to earn money from scratch and do not require investments and special knowledge, we will smoothly proceed to condemn the more complex ones, which may require monetary expenses.

1.Writing comments and reviews for the money.

Earnings on reviews and comments are a rather interesting type of income-generating activity. The contractor will be required to write reviews and comments about various products, services, sites, and more. Writing reviews is a simple job that is available even to schoolchildren and students. Such earnings will appeal to those who like to share their experiences with other people about everything in the world. It remains only to choose a reliable service review, on which you will write your reviews and receive money for them. The best and most reliable is the TripAdvisor social feedback service. With its help, thousands of users earn their opinion.
When writing a review, you must adhere to the following rules:

  • Do not copy other people’s reviews for this may block your account. Write your own review;
  • Do not make mistakes in the text;
  • Beautifully fill out the text by inserting pictures into it and breaking it into short paragraphs to make it easy to read. Pictures must also be unique;

If we talk about the comments, then this work is more custom-made. That is, you will need to go to a specific website and leave, as a rule, a laudatory comment on your behalf. For comments, too, there are requirements, they relate to the number of words in the text and the quality of its writing.

2.Participation in paid surveys

Earnings on polls are one of the easiest types of work to making money online from scratch. The survey participant will be required to answer the questions asked. For each survey passed, money from 20 to 100 Dollars is charged. On average, it takes 10-20 minutes to participate in one study. To start work on paid surveys, you need to register in one of the survey sites. You can start earning money from the polls right now by registering in the reliable Expert Opinion questionnaire.
You can’t call participation in paid online surveys stable earnings, because polls are not always sent. But as an additional income, it’s a good option.

3.Work in social networks

With each new year, the number of users of social networks is growing inexorably. Almost everyone who has access to the World Wide Web has several accounts on various social networks. For most, social networks are a way of communication, but, and for some users, another opportunity to get real income without investment. Working in social networks can be in two directions:

Earn money on tasks in social networks using special exchanges. The artist will need to like, join a group, add to friends, share a record. Agree to carry out such work is simple, and it will not take much time.

Earning income through your groups and pages through sales, affiliate programs, or advertising. If you have a well-developed community or page, you can post them with your affiliate links and receive real cash income from them. In a specialized article on our website, you can read an article on how to promote a group on Reddit or Facebook yourself and for free. You can do the sale of various goods. Well, or advertise for money. Online earnings in social networks is not a myth, but a reality. The main thing is to choose the direction of labor activity that is suitable for-profit and ability.

4.Performing simple tasks

Quite a popular and popular type of activity. On the Internet, there are special resources that provide the opportunity to earn money on various tasks without investing money. Such work appeared on the network for a long time. If at the first stages of its development such work included clicking on links, it is already an outdated method that brings a small income.
Today, the most reliable and best way of making money online simple tasks is the Microworkers service. In Microworkers, you will be required to perform interesting tasks for which real money will be paid. Everything is very simple, before starting work, you will be offered to undergo simple training with which you can easily begin to set tasks.

Of course, other sites make it possible to earn on assignments. But, as a rule, most of them are click services, on which it is unlikely to make decent money.

5.Writing articles

Earnings on the sale of articles or copywriting – this is one of the most popular and real work in Runet. Copywriting is suitable for those people who know how to correctly express their thoughts on paper. Even if for some reason it’s difficult for you to write texts, you can get used to it and gain skills and experience over time. There are several main varieties of articles for which you will be paid:

  • Rewriting is a rewriting of articles from one or more sources. Such articles can be written by a beginner or a more experienced copywriter;
  • Copywriting – writing text on a given topic without a source. A more complex type of text, but also the payment for it is higher than for rewriting;
  • Translation of texts. Special knowledge of a foreign language is already needed here. The performer will need to translate the text while maintaining its semantic narrative. Pay for such work is usually the highest.

Having a little understanding of what writing texts for money is, you can proceed to choosing a copywriting exchange in it, then you will begin your writing career. Perhaps the most universal and best is the exchange. Many beginners start with it. A lot of work, both for novice copywriters, and for experienced writers.

To succeed in copywriting, a beginner needs to adhere to the following rules: – Always communicate with the customer politely even if he is not right; – Do not chase after all the money; take only as many orders as you can fulfill on time; – Written texts must be unique. You can check the uniqueness with the help of special services; – Watch your literacy; – Try to constantly develop in order to become even more interesting for the customer.

6.Earnings on YouTube

Each user who can shoot interesting video clips can earn on YouTube. In YouTube video hosting, you can find many videos on various topics. Now even an amateur gardener filming his hobby on video can become popular and have a good income with the help of his video clips. It remains only to learn how to shoot high-quality video and if you need to get a good camera. It is not necessary to have a good video camera because you can do reviews of your purchases on the Internet using special software that will shoot video. The difficulty lies in the fact that you need to beautifully design your video so that it is interesting to watch for other users. You can also perform simple tasks: like, view videos, write comments. Tasks can be performed in the Vktarget service, which we wrote about earlier. But such tasks will not bring significant profits on YouTube.

7.Work at home as a freelancer

A freelancer is a free worker who chooses for himself with whom to work with him, where and when. Freelance is a remote way of earning money related to the Internet and dependent on it. Thanks to the global network, now everyone with certain knowledge suitable for online work can become a freelancer and work at home. Let’s look at the main activities in freelance: – Programming;

  • Copywriting and rewriting of texts, as well as translations, is one of the most popular areas in freelancing;
  • Creation of sites, their editing and maintenance;
  • Seo promotion of web resources; -Work as a designer. Having dealt with the areas of activity, we will move on to the advantages and disadvantages of freelancing.
    Freelance pros:
  • Free work schedule. That is, when to work and how much depends on you;
  • You choose the customer yourself. There is no employer in freelance, you (the contractor) and the customer who needs certain services;
  • You can work in any place convenient for you (at home, in the country, on a trip, during the main work, if it allows);
  • The income level depends on you, the more complete the orders, the more you earn;
  • Save time. If you still need to get to your usual job or get out of it, then freelancing allows you to spend more on your personal life due to the time saved.

Cons of freelancing:

  • There are no contributions to the pension fund, which may affect your future pension;
  • If you fall ill and cannot work, someone will not pay you sick leave;
  • Initially, the level of income may be low due to the low rating of beginning freelancers and the lack of trust of customers. But over time, each freelancer acquire a good rating and regular customers;
  • There are risks to get to a non-conscientious customer who will simply deceive you without paying money. To protect yourself from fraud, it is better to use freelance exchanges that act as intermediaries between the contractor and the customer.
    One of the best places to making money online as a freelancer is the Kwork resource. Remote Work Exchange Quork is an excellent platform for freelancing, you just have to go through a simple registration in it.

8.Work on the dropshipping system

Earning on dropshipping via the Internet is no longer just a side job, but quite a real business. Dropshippieg is a very promising area for earning real income via the Internet. What is a dropshipping job ? Dropshipping is the delivery of goods directly from the supplier to the buyer. In this scheme, you will act as an intermediary. But you do not have to pay for the product and buy it, and then keep it at home. Everything is quite simple, you find the buyer, get his data from him to send the order and transfer them to the supplier. You only need to find a supplier with a good price, on top of which you will wind up your own percentage of earnings. That is, you get money from the buyer, you pay the supplier the goods, and the difference that was rolled up in the price for the customer remains yours. It remains only to find the source of buyers. Such sources for dropshipping usually become their own sites, communities and pages on social networks, advertising services.

9.Affiliate Programs

Affiliate programs – this is one of the most common and real ways of making money online. Looking ahead, I want to note that without a website or social media account, it’s unlikely to make money on affiliate programs. To making money online, you need to choose a proven and reliable affiliate network, using which you will receive income. Such a network is an maxbounty affiliate. In it you will find many offers (partners) with which you can earn. maxbounty is not the only intermediary network, there is another excellent affiliate network and which is also known as a reliable cashback service.

  1. Earnings on your site
    To making money online or on your site, you need to make a lot of effort. After all, there are plenty of different websites, so the competition is very high. The main task will be to come up with the themes of the future project. We recommend that you create a resource of the subject in which you understand. Another important factor in the success of a future site is the choice of a domain name (hosting) and hosting. The domain name is the name of the site in the address bar, it should be memorable to the extent of long and short. Hosting is the place where the files of your site will be located. Recently, blogs have been popular, and the topic can be anything from cooking to auto repair. Earnings on the blog enriched many bloggers and made them famous not only online, but also offline. Let’s analyze the most popular ways to make money on the site: – Contextual advertising; – Partnership programs; – Teaser networks; – Selling links to other sites.

After reading the article, you learned about real ways of making money online or through the Internet. We talked about both easy ways of making money online or the Internet that do not require investments for beginners, as well as more complex ones that require certain knowledge and money. You just have to choose the appropriate method for you and start your career as an Internet worker.