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Content writing refers to the planning, writing and editing of web content, usually for digital marketing purposes. Content writing is about writing about one or more topics.This writing can usually be 300-500 words, 500-1000 words or 1 thousand to two-three-five thousand words. That is, you will write a content within the word count of your choice on any topic or content. We also know the subject of content writing as article writing.

There are many types of content writing. Such as SEO Friendly Content Writing, Affiliate Content Writing, Blog Content Writing, E-Book, Magazine Content Writing, Newspaper Content Writing, Academic Content Writing, Proofreading, Translation, Product Description Writing, New Writing. Moreover, many types of content writing can be done. In addition, article writing or content writing service is a medium through which there is a huge potential for online career building.


Those who are proficient in English can establish themselves as writers effortlessly. Articles are written for different purposes on different websites. In addition to blog articles, writers are required to write articles for product reviews, service sales pages, resource books for business organizations, brochures, leaflets or other promotional work.

Creative Niloy is a Reputed Digital Marketing Agency in Bangladesh Who provide Quality Content Writing Service with SEO Friendly articles. There are too many IT Companies in BD, and they are Providing Content Writing Services. But Their all Contents is not actually ranked in Google Top. We are here to help you by giving Ranking Guarantee with our SEO Friendly Content Writing Services.

Importance of Professional Content Writing Services

There is a Common Word in SEO That is: Content is King. That’s why Content writing service is an essential service for SEO. Also, Content is one of the main tools that attract a potential client and makes him order goods or services from you. Therefore, it must be of high quality and interesting. This point of view is shared not only by users but also by search engines.
If You Create a niche blog or an affiliate marketing based website, You must need Quality contents to Get sell from amazon. In fact, All websites on The internet need quality contents to rank in google top. In this Era, Google is the best Search Engine and getting Popularity worldwide. There is much Local Business that is now becoming serious about online sales and making websites. They also want to rank on google. But Google gives priority to those websites which have Quality content and informative articles. Content Marketing is also the most popular platform for digital marketing. So, the importance of content writing service is Indescribable.

In addition, The content of a website is different from others in many means. Your target market has much shorter focus spans, numerous easily obtainable choices to information and extremely little persistence. A typical webpage on the internet obtains no greater than a couple of seconds to cast a positive impression on the visitor. That’s the obstacle a web content author faces! But not a problem with our best content writing services.
Getting hold of the interest as well as involving the internet target market is no mean task. Specialist content writing is a severe discipline as well as you must delegate your content writing just with the specialists.

We Create Any Types of Quality Content

There are different types of Copywriting or content writing Services.

We will write in any niche, any topic for any business. Notable among them are:

  • SEO and content writing
  • Web Content Writing
  • Affiliate Content Writing
  • Blog writing
  • Technical content writing
  • E-book writing
  • Product review writing
  • Product Description Writing
  • Academic content writing
  • Proofreading and editing
  • Short article writing or snippet writing
  • Rewriting Content
  • Press release writing
  • CV or resume writing
  • Translation
  • Transcription or text writing from audio and video 
  • Soft copywriting from any book or hard copy
  • Company newsletter writing
  • Company email writing
  • Company ad or brochure writing
  • Script writing
  • News content writing
  • Summarization writing
  • PowerPoint presentation writing etc.

Get Best content writing services - Rank #1 in Google

Let’s fill your website with quality content!

If you are looking for professional Content Writers, Creative Niloy is precisely doing what you need. We guarantee the best quality unique content that will boost your site’s ranking and help you outperform the competition.

How we guarantee the quality of our Content Writing Services

Professional content writers

Creative Nioy has a large team of professional native-speaker writers and translators who can translate your website into 15 different languages ​​to create top-notch web content. You will be able to reach a broad international audience without the need to seek translation and localization from other agencies. At Creative Nioy, you can immediately order both the best quality content and its natural professional translation.

Maintain Content Quality

Thanks to our sophisticated triple quality control scheme, at Creative Nioy, we guarantee the best quality web content, no matter what your site is. In addition to professional native-speaker writers with vast experience in creating high-quality, engaging content for websites, proofreaders and editors (also native speakers) work on each text, consistently proofreading the text and evaluating its professional quality before sending you the finished version.

on time delivery

First-class delivery scheme

We always Deliver the work in Time. There are many ways to get Professional content writing service from us. Through the self-service system on our website, where you place and check your orders yourself’ status. Transferring content from your site to our content services via the API. Or, Via a ready-made plugin for WordPress. Or directly through our managers who will be happy to help you.

We Write First-Class Quality Articles to Help you sell More

The article writing service or Content Writing Service includes an in-depth analysis of the problem under study, selection of relevant scientific sources, design and translation into English, if necessary. We will proofread each article free of charge if the content returns it for revision. We are your ideal resource for each type of web content with our content writing service. Be its blog site, site, or write-up marketing content. Creative Niloy’s web content writers are extremely certified and trained to create customised copies for your online audience, thus providing the best content writing services. Our range of personalized Content Writing solutions consists of:

  • Blog Content writing
  • Magazine Content Writing
  • SEO Friendly Content writing
  • Website copywriting
  • Affiliate Content Writing & Many More…

Keep visitors coming back for more with engaging and relevant content. The majority of visitors to a website check with the web content in contrast to reading it line by line. Our best content writing services authors are well versed with this truth and also are professionals at maintaining the structure and style of the webpages, write-ups or blogs such that online readers find it practical to experience them.
We Write contents that readers discover interesting, appropriate, conveniently understandable and in line with your best expectations.

A short Brief about Creative Content Writing services:
SEO Friendly Content Writing Service:
Search Engine Optimization is 90% concerning web content. Whether it is on-site SEO (website copy, blog and various other material resources) or off-site SEO (content advertising for specific target search phrases), you need SEO material that can deliver results. With our SEO content writing Service, you can rest assured that all SEO standards will certainly be thoroughly adhered to and resulting material would certainly be excellent quality and online search engine pleasant. We can assign a professional SEO writer to produce material on an extensive range of topics and whatever style that suits your function the very best with our best content writing services.
Blog Content Writing Service
For any business that has a website or blog, a professionally written quality content is fundamental. We will help you solve this issue with our content creation and article writing service of any topic. You are concerned that your firm blog is not as dynamic as it should be? Do you wish to enhance your web existence and also online search engine visibility? With our blog site creating the solution, you have one less thing to worry about. This is the best content writing service platform in the country. Blog site writing is a crucial element of our larger arsenal of cost-effective composing solutions. We develop fresh material to keep your business blog upgraded, and most importantly, involved for your consumers. With the requisite expertise of the different types and styles of creating, a Creative Niloy blog author does complete justice to your distinct demand. Our blog composing service is adjustable and targeted to the unique requirements of your audience. Expert Blog Writers can make a Big Difference! A great blog site is conversational, engaging and also holds the interest of the reader. Blog writing may not appear as initiative or research intensive as other writing designs, such as organization writing; however, composing an excellent blog post is an art by itself. It is often the primary points that are the hardest to articulate and also express. The professional blog site writer appointed to your job will be a professional in delivering organized posts abundant in material and at the same time, adhering to your distinct needs. The secret to creating a useful blog post is to comprehend client assumptions and those of the targeted niche. A Creative Niloy writer will certainly justify both. Our blog site writers are proficient at dealing with different niches as well as subject areas. This adaptability aids us to accommodate the blog site writing demands of varied customers. Not merely this, we likewise make sure that the blog posts are contacted with the understanding degree of an average visitor so that he/she can take in the web content totally with our best content writing services.
Content Writing Service For Magazine:
If you run an online or offline magazine, the material is your mainstay. Our specialist post authors can create fresh content for your site or publication backed by comprehensive study and informed viewpoints. State goodbye to bland, material does not have posts from unskilled short article authors– try our write-up writing service and see your visitors coming back for even more with our best content writing services.
Copywriting Services:
The function of copywriting is not just to thrill, but additionally to attain particular company goals. At Creative Niloy Media, we do it well, because we approach the task appropriately. Every copywriting job begins with initially evaluating the target consumers, their needs, and also your solution offerings. After that, our specialist copywriters translate your solutions right into words that your customers want to read, to be convinced of the value of your offerings. The result is a much higher conversion price for your business with our best content writing services. No person understands your company much better than you do. That is why we use a collective technique to pick up from you about your company and after that translate that comprehension into the highly effective duplicate. We likewise incorporate your feedback and also experience a round of iteration to establish the final web content. We are below to assist your company to expand, and we go above and beyond to attain that objective. We provide copywriting services for all media types, including websites, sales brochures, direct-mail advertising, and also other advertising and marketing materials. Whether you are trying to find an internet copywriting service or need to develop expert duplicate for offline marketing, you can always rely on us. A Creative Niloy copywriter will deliver focused web content for your tool, targeting your client’s psychology as well as providing them with the responses they seek. We are a costs copywriting firm with a wide ranging experience and can help you with all copy-creating demands. Stressed about low conversions? Employ an expert copywriter for best content writing services? You’ve come to the right location if you are looking for a copywriting solution that can help you enhance sales! Our specialist copywriters can help you obtain information found on the overcrowded web and springtime your consumers’ right into activity with their best content writing services.
Affiliate content Writing Service:
Engage your target audience by selling affiliate content Our team of professional writers creates affiliate content for affiliate sites. They scrutinise your partners' target sites carefully to write informative and engaging material on various aspects of the partner site you are redirecting visitors to. This way, we will help your business to stand out from the competition, attracting potential customers who want to work only with the best sites. Reaching a broad audience. We not only create quality affiliate content but also translate it into 15 languages. We will help you expand your business’s target audience or affiliate marketing website with visitors speaking different languages. So your site will occupy high positions on queries in search engines, which means that even more potential customers and partners will find your site and learn about your services. Sell ​​more! Our translations will increase your site’s ranking in search results, which means you can sell even more through affiliate links on your site. Our professional content writers guarantee the uniqueness, informativeness and accuracy of affiliate content for your site so that it stands out from the competition and your customers want to work with you again and again.

Few Advantages For Working With us

  • We Write for people

Your articles are read not by robots, but by real users. The main mistakes are huge foot cloths, unreadability and excessive professional terminology.
The optimal size is 1500-2000 characters. The only exceptions are informational articles, the main task of which is to reveal the meaning of the material. Do not forget to divide the text into paragraphs because this will make it easier for the user to perceive the information.

  • Don’t forget about SEO optimization

Most often, we observe such a situation when the article is over-optimized. To find out, you need to identify the density of keywords on a page. Excessive Keyword Repetition may break your ranking. It’s Called Keyword Stuffing.

  • Check the uniqueness of the content.

We always write unique content to yourself. Otherwise, it will result in Google punishing and applying a filter to your site. For example, for low-grade content, you can fall under the Panda and Penguin Updates. In addition, it threatens to drop positions. Do you need it! you can check the uniqueness of the text using any plagiarism Checker tools.

Here are some Advantages to getting our content writing Service:

  • Our extensive experience in writing various levels of complexity, we can predict a guaranteed term for providing services. We will not take on a job if its quality performance is impossible.
  • We value our reputation and your anonymity. By contacting us, you can be sure of the confidentiality of our relationship.
  • We value our authors, as we are very attentive to their selection. Authors with qualifications not lower than those you are applying are allowed to work on your work. At your request, one or several authors will work – specialists in the required speciality.
  • The cost of work is always considered individually; we do not offer services at fixed prices, since the work’s specifics affect the labour costs for its implementation.
  • At the same time, we form an offer as soon as possible and offer flexible conditions.
  • We successfully cooperate with scientific publications and guarantee the publication of articles on time with the timely application.
  • We conclude an agreement with you, which transparently describes all aspects of our cooperation with you. Make an application, and
  • we will send the contract as soon as possible.
    Urgent work is possible. Find out more by contacting us by phone, mail, or filling out the form on the website.

Creative Content Writing Service : Open the Boundary with Your Mind

Creative writing is the best way to express you in the world. CREATIVE NILOY will help you to express your thoughts in an innovative way for your branding where you get copyright. Who doesn’t want to show the creativity in their thoughts? Few of us want to post their thoughts stories in their social media or blog. But it’s very difficult in the busy time to separate some moments to open up your thoughts in writing. 

Are you stunned?

  • CREATIVE NILOY can help you in writing a creative copy for you. You can share your thoughts with us to get a creative copy. We can also think like you to make a copy. We have expert writers from different parts of the world.
  • Our writer can write a novel, madrigal, poetry, screenplay, stories, etc. We also write a biography, resume, and many other creative copies for your demand.
  • We understand the intellectual property of a creative copy. We maintain the secrecy of the writing in each way.

Our Creative Content Writing Strategy:

  1. We take your concept or share a few of our concept with you
  2. After finalizing the concept, we send the finalized concept with our writer
  3. We don’t involve our writers in the concept finalization to maintain your privacy
  4. Our writer start their writing and after completion of the first part we share
  5. We seek advice from you or approval (For Long Projects)
  6. You approval ensures your style and we continue writing
  7. After completion, we proofread the copy and make it plagiarism free
  8. We deliver it with the intellectual right
  9. We rewrite some parts if you ask revision

Article Writing: First Step for Successful SEO Campaign

Article writing or blog post is a tending way to make your site SEO friendly. CREATIVE NILOY can write engaging articles or blog posts to attract your audience.
Do you need the best SERPs result for your business website? Are you aware of the Google 2019 choice of SEO? It’s the thorough articles or blog postings about a topic.

Is it surprising?

  • All SEO tricks will fail if you don’t put the quality content on your website. Contents are the key to a successful SEO campaign.
  • Google Bot checks every article for ensuring its usefulness for the readers. Google prefers at least 2000 words length for an article or blog post.
  • CREATIVE NILOY has experienced writers to create a masterpiece of your content. We’re familiar with the other rules of making a great article. Our presentation is different from others which makes us unique.
  • We provide 100% plagiarism free, thorough, readable and proofread articles. We assure your secrecy and copyright.

Our Article or Blog Post Writing Strategy:

  1. We know from you about the concept and your requirement
  2. Do extensive online research on the topic
  3. Finalize a plan for the article or blog post
  4. Write the content and try to put some bullet points
  5. After completion, we send for your review
  6. As soon as you recommend we revise the content
  7. After your satisfaction, we proofread and make the content plagiarism free
  8. Finally, we deliver the premium quality article or blog post with the copyright
  9. We also revise the writing if you need after the final delivery
  10. We are careful about the purpose of your use

Professional Blog Content Writing Service at Affordable Prices (Special)

Blog Article Writting Service

Like all other services, our blog content writing service is both effective and also reliable. Our team believes in strong job ethics, professionalism and reliability as well as aim to satisfy the highest level of customer fulfillment. No matter the nature and also dimension of your company, you can count on Creative Niloy Media to supply an excellent quality blog site creating solutions at affordable rates with our best content writing services. Be it blog, article, or website advertising material Creative Niloy’s web material authors are extremely certified and also educated to create totally personalized copies for your on-line target market. When it comes to SEO, Contents are superior– the right web content, purposefully positioned or dispersed over the web can lead to immense exposure for your service. Not just this, we likewise make certain that the blog articles are created to the understanding level of an average reader so that he/she can absorb the content fully. Email us today as well as discover why Creative Niloy web content authors are the best option for your internet web content needs.

Frequently Asked Questions

Web content is absolutely essential because it provides visitors with both the most general and detailed information about the site.

Quality web content should be SEO-optimized and informative. It should grab and hold the attention of visitors so that they want to visit your site again and again.

  1. A great copy can create a brand image for your product or blog
  2. Enhance reputation
  3. Improve the authenticity of the blog or product
  4. Create an aesthetic value
  5. Professional review of a product or description of anything
  6. You can also add some essential elements of interest without engaging yourself

This is a selling text that grabs the attention of visitors, forces them to visit your site and provides them with comprehensive information about the services or products of your partner sites, where you redirect the flow of visitors.

Travel and tourism content should motivate your travel agency or travel blog visitors to become happy travelers. Any person planning a trip not only wants to learn more about the places where he is going. It is also important for him to study the organizational material – booking tickets and hotels, the best routes, processing the necessary documents, etc. High-quality reviews and articles, in which the issues of concern to the traveler are available and in detail, serve as the best calls to action and inspire to finally pack up and go on a trip.

The goal of any blog is to be read. Therefore, blog content should be written specifically for your target audience. And for a blog to be read constantly, your posts must be useful, interesting and convincing. The text should be clear and easy to read, for this it needs to be broken up with informative subheadings, so that the reader can find his bearings more easily and he can quickly scan the entire post. In order for your post to nudge the reader to the desired action, the text must contain motivating or selling CTA phrases and words.

It depends a lot on the topic and purpose of your blog. But experts and statistics say that blog posts with high ratings and traffic are most often around 1200 words long.

The number of paragraphs depends entirely on the purpose of your post and the complexity of the material presented. If you can get your idea across to the reader in two paragraphs, do so. Appreciate your readers’ time and yours. But if you are preparing a detailed guide or travel guide for your blog, it is clear that even ten paragraphs or even entire sections may not be enough. However, try to keep your blog post paragraphs concise and short, no more than three clear sentences in essence. Stick to the following rule: one thought, one paragraph. So the reader will not lose the thread of the story and it will be easier for him to follow your thought, gradually moving from one section or paragraph to another.

Landing page content is a laconic text ideally formulated for the needs of the target audience, designed to attract new visitors and motivate them to take action.

Content marketing is an umbrella term encompassing all marketing formats that involve the creation or sharing of content for the purposes of engaging current and potential customer bases. Content marketing subscribes to the notion that delivering high-quality, relevant and valuable information to prospects and customers drives profitable customer action.

In addition, Content Marketing Up Selling involves the creation and sharing of information that is purposely designed for target audiences, by means of specifically outlined marketing messages that use objections, benefits, and action phrases to deliver marketing content using persuasive sales funnel formats that have an intended action or result.

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