Off-Page SEO 2021: Complete Guidelines

Off Page SEO 2021- Complete Guidelines

What is off-page SEO? importants of Off-page SEO

Another name for off-page SEO is off-site SEO. This is called off-page SEO because the work of off-page SEO is basically done outside the blog. Off-page SEO is the process of doing SEO outside of a website in order to increase the lead traffic from search engines to get good rank on search engine results page. The most common tasks of off-page SEO are to create backlinks, share social media, promote websites and brand websites.

Some new SEO experts do not understand that the days of off page SEO are over! But Google is making it clear that they still value backlinks when it comes to ranking a website. At the same time, Google is still determining the search ranking by considering the importance of page ranking. So the importance of off-page SEO is still there and will be in the future.

Moreover, Google still takes the branding of a website very seriously. Because of the branding of the websites that have a lot of popularity online, Google gives them good rankings. At the same time, when users review and recommend a website well, Google takes them seriously and determines the search ranking. So off-page SEO has a lot of importance in increasing the search ranking of a website and increasing the traffic from search engines.

In today’s post, I will share a complete guide on Off Page SEO 2021 . You can learn more about what you need to do off-page SEO for your blog right now. In addition to learning about the differences between past off-page SEO techniques and contemporary off-page SEO techniques, you can also apply new techniques to your blog by knowing all the essentials of off-page SEO.

An Ultimate Guide to On-Page SEO has already been shared on our blog. Many people said they liked our post and requested to share a post about off-page SEO. Basically we are sharing this post to keep everyone requesting.

Many might say that you are doing this post just to keep the request. I will say again yes, I am sharing the post only to keep the request of the readers of our blog. Because after writing a post about SEO with so much effort, the expected visitors are not found from that post. This is because less than 2% of the people in our country are interested in SEO. Moreover, it goes without saying that SEO is not searched at all on Google. There is no point in writing a post about SEO for him. Even then you have to write about SEO from time to time to keep the reputation of the blog and the request of the readers.

Moreover, there is another small reason to write about off-page SEO. Before writing this post, I did some Bengali blog research on off-page SEO. By researching I have found 4-5 blogs who have written in Bengali about off page SEO. Among them are Mr. Faruk Khan’s blog and Rahul Das’s “Bangla Tech” blog in Kolkata, India.

Sadly, Mr. Faruk probably shared the post in 2016, but has not updated the article so far, so his blog post is not up to date. Because there is a big difference between the SEO trend of 2016 and the SEO trend of mid-2020. So his off-page SEO tips will not be very useful.

Besides, all the off-page SEO posts I have seen in other Bengali blogs are almost the same. Everyone posted a few years ago but never updated again. Basically looking at the old post of off page SEO made me interested in writing this post today.

What is the difference between on-page SEO and off-page SEO?

Before understanding the difference between on-page SEO and off -page SEO , read our blog post on on -page SEO . Then you will get a clear idea about on-page SEO.

The on-page SEO of a website is done within the website. Such as content optimization, title tags, meta tags, keyword research and usage, internal linking and image optimization are some of the other things that can be optimized by opening the website manually.

But off-page SEO cannot work within your website. In comparison, off-page SEO is much harder than on-page SEO. Because off-page SEO has to be done outside of blogs, off-page SEO is a bit difficult and time consuming. An SEO expert has a lot of problems, especially when it comes to link building. The main difference between the two is that on-page SEO can be done within the website but off-page SEO cannot be done within the website.

BackLinks and off page SEO

Freelancing is the process of making money by reaching out to clients online by concluding work agreements with different clients online from home . You may not be clear about freelancing yet. I am trying to present this subject more simply.

Usually a person submits his CV to get a job in a company after graduation. After looking at the CV and at the end of the interview, the company hires him if it deems him eligible. The person then receives a fixed salary at a monthly rate by doing regular routine work in the company from 9 am to 5 pm.

In the same way that freelancing is done, a person applies for jobs in various online freelancing marketplaces in order to get a job in a subject that he has experience in or that he can work well in . The client then verifies the suitability of his work and if he deems it appropriate, hires him to do the job. This is why freelancing is called a type of job.

However, there are many differences between a normal job and a freelancing job. Normally any job has to be done at the scheduled time every day. Otherwise you will not be able to hold your job. At the same time, if you can’t do the job properly, sometimes you have to reprimand the boss.

But in the case of a freelancing career, there are no such set rules. Here you can work independently. You can work when your mind wants, and you can refrain from work if your mind does not want. This is why freelancing is called a free profession and most people prefer to do freelancing. with you.

How to do off page SEO?

There was a time when off-page SEO could be done very easily. Because if you could only create backlinks in three ways, a website could easily rank in Google. But a recent update to the Google Rank Brain algorithm has made it more difficult for a website to rank on Google.

Before 2019, if any type of NoFollow link could be created on a website, Google would consider the link of that website seriously and rank it. But as a result of updating the Google ranking brain algorithm, Google is no longer paying any attention to NoFollow backlinks. At the same time, Google is not giving any importance to those DoFollow links which are not relevant. In addition, Google does not consider backlinks that do not receive relevant website traffic from DoFollow links.

So if you think that just commenting on the comments section of someone else’s website will increase your website’s search ranking, then you are still living in a fool’s paradise. On the contrary, if you link to other people’s websites without any reason, your site’s ranking will be down.

At the same time, Google used to give importance to the post of a website only when it shared the post of a website on different social media. But Google is now saying that you don’t just have to share posts on social media. After sharing the post on social media, the post with the highest engagement will get the search ranking. And a post that does not have any kind of engagement will not be able to contribute to the increase of ranking even if the post is shared on social media.

What is the way to do off page SEO?

You may be wondering, what is the best way to do off-page SEO now? Of course there are ways. But you can’t do off-page SEO so easily now. You need more than luck to succeed in affiliate business. You need more than luck to succeed in affiliate business. The following are some of the off-page SEO techniques you can use to increase your website’s rank.

1. Creating backlinks
For those who are just blogging, the most important thing about off-page SEO to increase search rankings is link building. However, there are some restrictions in creating backlinks. Unwanted backlinks cannot be created by comments alone. After verifying the quality and relevance of the post of the website from which you will create the backlink, you need to create the backlink in a logical way.

Only Private Blog Network (PBN) Backlink, Social Bookmarking, Forum Submission, Directory Submission and Image Submission will not be of any benefit. Such backlinks used to work, but now they are not able to contribute to the growth of search rankings. I don’t want to say anything more about creating backlinks. Because there is a detailed post on our blog about creating backlinks . If you read the post, you will get answers to all the questions related to backlinks.

2. Social media engagement
Once it was only called social media share but now it is called social media engagement. Because at present only posting a website on social media cannot play any role in increasing the ranking. When people visit the website by clicking on the link of that post after sharing on social media, that social media engagement will be able to increase the ranking of your website.

That’s why before you share a post on any page and group on any social media, make sure that there is no one there to read your website article. If you share an SEO related post in a Facebook group related to Android, no one will come to read that post. Therefore, it is possible to get engagement and increase the ranking of the website only if you share the post of the website on social media targeting the audience.

3. Guest posting
There are many types of websites available online that receive guest posts. You can post guests on relevant websites with your blog. The backlinks that you create through guest posts will contribute to increasing the ranking of your website. Moreover, through guest blogging, the community can be created by getting acquainted with various good quality bloggers online. Which will help you to get the banklink later.

However, in the case of guest posts, keep in mind that the blog you write in should be relevant to you. You will also post guest after verifying the rank, domain authority and PA and DA of that blog. Never do guest blogging on a blog post that doesn’t match my blog. Because the backlinks obtained in this way will not play any role in increasing the rank of your blog.

4. Forum posting
Forum posting is another strategy of off page SEO to increase backlinks. There are many good quality forums online that you can join to create backlinks by answering various questions and solving problems. However, even in this case, you have to take care that the forum from which you build the link is related to your blog. Otherwise there will be no benefit in creating backlinks.

5. Branding
If you can create your website’s branding, your website’s ranking will increase effortlessly. Usually this is not possible in the case of a normal website. Only those websites that have been around for a long time and whose websites are widely known can create branding for their websites.

Once the branding of the website is created, people will continue to search on Google by typing the name of your website directly. As a result, Google will take your website as a well-known website and increase the ranking effortlessly. It is usually possible to brand a website online and offline through a lot of promotion and dissemination.

6. Local SEO

Local SEO is the process of optimizing a website by targeting a specific audience to get it ranked in search engines. If your website is targeted at people in a particular country or region, then you need to focus on local SEO. Because Bangla website is visited only by people from Bangladesh and India, you have to do off page SEO by targeting people from Bangladesh and India.

Also, if your website is targeted at people in a particular region or district, then you need to do local SEO by targeting the audience in that area. Nowadays Google is giving more importance to local SEO and the better the local websites are doing local SEO, the easier it is to succeed.

Suppose you have a computer shop in Sylhet district town. You sell accessories, including computers and laptops. In this case, the ordination of your website will be Sylhet district and some surrounding districts. In the case of such websites, it is necessary to focus more on local SEO and not global SEO.
7. Google My Business

Google My Business is a free Google service for creating business profiles. If you have a website about business or organization, you can create a profile in the name of your business organization in Google My Business. You can put all kinds of information about your business in Google My Business profile. You can put a lot more information in your Google My Business profile, especially on what days your business is open and when it is closed. As a result, Google will be able to provide accurate information to customers by knowing the nature of your business.

According to Moz, Google My Business plays an important role in increasing search rankings. Especially in the case of local businesses, Google creates a Google My Business profile and adds mobile numbers with all the information there, so that Google provides easy search rankings to a local business website.

8. Google My Business Review
In this regard, Moz says that if there is a positive review of the audience in the profile of Google My Business, the Google search ranking will increase. To get positive reviews from Google My Business, you need to always have good product and content quality on your website. However, if your audience receives negative reviews on Google My Business page, your ranking may be against your interests. If you can create a Google My Business profile with this in mind, it is possible to get the success of the company easily.


Almost all of the important types of off-page SEO currently available to increase the ranking of a normal blog and website have been shared with you. But if you want to do off-page SEO for a business, you need to do some more off-page SEO. If you want to know about off-page SEO of business websites of different companies and organizations, you can let us know by commenting in the comments section of our blog. We will try to extend the post if we get your positive comments.

And if you want to be successful in your freelancing career, you need to work hard. Because if you work in freelancing with the attitude of working independently or whenever you want, you will never be a good freelancer. You freelancing marketplace spend more time and keep regular contact with clients, you are freelancing, the more you can earn. At the same time, if you maintain time like a normal job without working independently, the client will feel more comfortable working

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