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Welcome to the website of Best SEO Company in Bangladesh. We are a Local SEO Agency in Bangladesh, We Have Different Types of Services like SEO Service in Bangladesh, Website Design Service, Graphics Design Service, etc. But Our Company is Mainly Based on SEO. We Take Challenge for Rank a website in Google Top. We Also now rank in Google top by Keywords- SEO Expert in Bangladesh, Local SEO Expert in Bangladesh, SEO Specialist in Bangladesh and so on. Don’t Forget to Check our Portfolio Page and See our Previous SEO Projects to Justify our Service Quality. We work for Results and Clients Satisfication is Our main Goal.

SEO Service in Bangladesh

What is SEO Service in Bangladesh

The full form of SEO is Search Engine Optimization. And Search Engine Optimization is a method by which you can spread your website worldwide for free. If you can get any website to the first page of Google through SEO, the chances of getting visitors also increase a lot.

In 2021 SEO is the most effective way to increase traffic to your Website.This will attract customers, create a positive image of your brand and, as a result, increase your sales. Having a website Is not enough for Branding a Business. To Increase Your Brand Recognition, You Have to do SEO for Your Website.  By our SEO Service in Bangladesh, you will Get Rank Your Website into the TOP-10 results in Google within 4-6 Months. We have worked for Ranking several Brands & Local Business such as E-commerce Company, Travel Agency, Law Firm, Health, Real Estate Company, Paste Control Agency, Clippingpath Agency & Many More. We use proven White hat SEO strategies and combine them with manual work by the SEO Experts in bangladesh. We are also guaranteeing high rankings without Google Penalty risks.

Improve Your Organic Ranking with SEO

Rocket Your Business to a Stunning Success!

Every company has a Business website to promote its products. The more people who visit your website, the more people will get an idea about your product or service. Search engines are the main source of visitors to a web site. 80% of visitors come to any web site through the search engine.

By Improving Your Organic Rank in Google, you can increase sales by attracting the website’s targeted audience. SEO is also less expensive than other Digital Marketing Tactics. As the best SEO service provider company in Bangladesh, we Divide SEO projects into three directions:

All companies want to put their company’s website at the top of the search engine rankings to promote their products. By Local SEO Service, You can Enhance Your Local User Experience in a Specific Area. And if you have an e-commerce website, you must need an SEO agency to get traffic and Sell to your website.

  • Positions Google TOP 10
  • Growth of conversion traffic by at least two times
  • Stable flow of calls and requests
  • Profit х3 and financial stability
  • Target customers all year round
  • Loyalty and trust of the brand and company will increase five times.
  • The growth in financial return on investment (ROI) Increases annually (depends on the duration of SEO Service)


Importance of SEO Service in Bangladesh

We’ve talked about SEO types and what it is. Let’s see why the website needs SEO services.  Do you know how important SEO is for a website?

Many of us do not know the benefits of doing SEO on a website. But We all know the importance of Digital marketing. It is a core component of digital marketing.
Suppose you have a jewellery store. There is only a small group of people around you and who knows about Your Shop. In this case, you can put up posters, banners, leaflets in public, advertise on TV and Facebook. Doing this may reach the people of this country that you have a jewellery shop in this location. But in the case of International, your shop remains unknown. When People Search on google by the keyword “Best Jewellery shop in BD, “ then your shop’s name will not come in SERP, which means your Website is not optimized For Google.

So the importance of SEO is immense to convey your shop’s name to everyone Locally or worldwide. The goal of any organization is to take its Website forward and to extend its services to all. Now you can open a website for your Small Business, and You can bring your website to the top rank on the first page of Search Engine Google through SEO. It will increase traffic and visitors to your website. As a result, the business of the organization will improve a lot. The above discussion shows the importance of SEO or Search Engine Optimization and why SEO service in Bd are needed on the website. There are many SEO Service provider companies in Bangladesh. But among them, “Creative Niloy” is one of the Best Digital Marketing & SEO Service agency in this industry.

Importance of SEO Service in Bangladesh

How can our Proven SEO services benefit your Business?

Here are the benefits of our expert SEO service in BangladeshSEO is a process of editing and analyzing the Website to enhance its ability to rate well in the search engines. By putting in the extra effort to use the appropriate SEO methods, a company or personal website that can be a lot more effective and increase its day-to-day traffic and gain potentially. Below are a few reasons it profits to invest more time on ranking a website in Google:


We Do White Hat SEO, and We are the best SEO service company in Bangladesh. We will certainly optimize your website. Many companies have questions about how we do SEO. No matter what e-commerce or affiliate, or academic because of which the website will certainly be ranking on the search engine Google. Search engines always prefer fresh content. So Quality Content is the most vital part of Google Ranking.

Before we work on any site, we check the on-page Optimization Score. Without 100% On-page optimization total, the website will never ever rank in Google or Bing Search Engine. Our SEO Processes are Organic Processes. Our SEO professional employees always supply 100% pure SEO solutions. We are able to make natural visitors to your site in a very short time.

Benefits of Our SEO Service in Bangladesh:

  • Rank no. 1 in Google 1st Page
  • Double the traffic to your website
  • New Clients and Prospects Online.
  • Grow Your Business With Us
  • 90% of Online Searchers Click on the First Page of Results
  • 1000+ keywords ranked organically on page 1 of search engines
  • We charge affordable prices for the SEO Service in Bd

What makes us the best SEO service provider Company in Bd?

Our SEO service company in Bangladesh has been operating for five years. And the experience of leading specialists is more than ten years. Also, many local companies, market leaders ordered SEO services from us. We can work with Global companies with representatives of large, medium, and small businesses in the Bangladesh Market.

Our Creative Content Writers drive deeply into the specific topics of the industry before starting to write content. Graphic designers create all site materials correctly, and Digital marketers agree with the client all Services, special offers, Etc.

We have a flexible pricing policy. Prices are formed based on the Niche of the project, regions of business, the Depth of wave analytics, the amount of content required for Ranking in Google, the need for a Web developer, etc. Another important aspect is that our SEO service cost in Bangladesh is far cheaper than our competitors.

We proceed from the premise that any cooperation is possible only with such a strategic approach when both sides benefit from collaboration.

what make us best
Why we are the best SEO agency in Bangladesh:
We Grow Organic Traffic:
Ranking a website in the top 1-10 position in Google can help to see a considerable increase in Impressum as well as clicks. This is one of the significant benefits of focusing on our professional SEO packages and brings about the most targeted and qualified web website traffic. Also concentrating on basic concerns like keyword Research Properly, attractive title tag and interesting web content can help boost the possible click-through rate as well as the targeted readers. You will get this from our SEO service provider company in Bangladesh.
We Maximize Return on Investment (ROI):
This is one more part we will certainly look after our expert SEO service in Bangladesh. The actions required to enhance SEO are quickly traceable to see a rise in web traffic, conversion, and also positions.
Our Cost-Effective Solutions
All our services deliver real visitors to your site that you can monetize. Our affordable SEO service price in Bangladesh helps you stay profitable.
Our Quality Service Offerings
Our top-rated SEO Service In Bangladesh is used by 1,500 satisfied clients each month, making our SEO and traffic solutions second to none. If you want to know more before becoming a part of our clients’ community, feel free to Get a Quote.
We Increase Brand Awareness:
A top-ranking website has the ability to take advantage of a rise in brand recognition. Because the site is benefiting from higher direct exposure as well as website traffic. By remaining in the top position for the long-lasting, it is feasible for website visitors to connect your product or service with the pertinent keywords. This helps to build trust because the sites on the front page are usually seen as trustworthy. Because user trust Search Engine, so websites are in google top make more trustfull.
Our Services are 100% Safe.
The Strategies we use in our SEO service in Bangladesh are legal and secure, so you never have to worry about getting your website banned for any Google Algorithm Updates.
We GIve Money-Back Guarantee
Your order will be delivered within the required time and to your satisfaction, or you will get your money back.
Our Helpful Customer Support
Our friendly, helpful customer support team is available 24/7 and standing by to assist you if you need anything. We work diligently to process your order and get your quality visitors to you, including special instruction requests.

Why should you hire the best SEO service provider in bd?

Nowadays, SEO is one of the best marketing platforms through which you can reach your brand to the whole world. But it will require a well-designed website, a proper marketing plan, and an expert team. A good SEO agency in Bangladesh can give you all of this advantage. You can get the solution of how to work from the very beginning.

It is very important to invest in starting a business, but it is important to keep in mind that the investment does not fail. So you should hire an SEO agency that can actually get your business to Google and targeted customers. That is why we do not analyze everything well before undertaking every SEO project. We don’t want any of our clients’ money to fail. The right SEO agency in Bangladesh will value your business the way they work on their site. They will work on your valuable time and investment.  So, as the best SEO Service Provider in Bangladesh, we want to give equal importance to every business and deliver the websites to Google. Keeping pace with the times, we also offer all kinds of benefits and the opportunity to pay in instalments. In Bangladesh, we work with a first-rank guarantee.

What Our SEO Service in bd will Offer You? provides the best SEO Service in Bangladesh to grow your business. Our SEO experts team will help you manage your Website SEO and rank higher for your targeted keyword. We create quality SEO content, aiming to help your website to rank higher in Google by following the best practices of Advance SEO.

It is very important to invest in starting a business, but it is important to keep in mind that the investment does not fail. So you should hire an SEO agency that can actually get your business to Google and targeted customers. That is why we do not analyze everything well before undertaking every SEO project. We don’t want any of our clients’ money to fail. The right SEO agency in Bangladesh will value your business the way they work on their site. They will work on your valuable time and investment.  So, as the best SEO Service Provider in Bangladesh, we want to give equal importance to every business and deliver the websites to Google. Keeping pace with the times, we also offer all kinds of benefits and the opportunity to pay in instalments. In Bangladesh, we work with a first-rank guarantee.

First, We try to understand the Client’s Requirements and His Goal. As like, How Much Keywords You want to rank for, Which page is the targeted page, Service page list , The content Quality of your website is good or bad, etc. Then we Develop an actionable SEO Strategy for the work of our SEO Service in Bangladesh.

First, We try to understand the Client’s Requirements and His Goal. As like, How Much Keywords You want to rank for, Which page is the targeted page, Service page list , The content Quality of your website is good or bad, etc. Then we Develop an actionable SEO Strategy for the work of our SEO Service in Bangladesh

After reviewing the project, we do profitable keyword research to find the best keywords  for your services and Products. Our Depth Keyword Research Includes: LSI / Long TailKeywords, Buying Intent Keywords, Informative Keywords, Geo-targeted Keywords Etc

You will be shocked to learn that SEO competition is different from the business competition. We will Use Powerful SEO Tools like Semrush, Ahrefs, Longtail pro for Research Your Competitors SEO Strength and Enfold Their SEO Secrets. It will Help You to understand yCompetitor’stors SEO Strategy.

We all know that the content is king. But a small number of Freelancers know, How to Write SEO optimized content and make it user friendly. 

Google is prioritizing websites with higher quality content. Our Expert Content Writers will write excellent contents to help you bring your website to the first page of google.

Technical SEO Can Build or Break Ranking of a Website. So the importance of technical SEO Audit is Unmeasurable. By Auditing Technical SEO Of your Website, we can Identify what we Should do to solve technical Problems of Your website. And Then We Esure Better Ranking in Google 1st Page. Also we will consult about website Optimization. Your visitors should be able to obtain the right information quickly the moment they open your site. Uncluttered visuals will help them create a simple website design.

Onpage Optimization is the core of our SEO services. If you want your site to rank well, you can’t ignore on-page optimization. Our Team of SEO Experts will Optimize Your Title tag, Meta tag, Headings, SubHeadings and Maintain Keyword Prominence. Also we will do an on-page SEO Audit for your Website to improve the SEO Performance.

Off-page SEO is another essential ranking Factor of SEO. We will Build Natural Quality backlinks with High PA & DA. You never have to worry about the quality of your links when working with our Link Building Experts. As the Best SEO Service Provider in Bangladesh, Our partnerships and expertise allow us to improve your Website’s authority.

As a Local SEO Agency in Bangladesh, We serve local businesses by bringing them local customers. Our GMB listing Service for local businesses will increase the chance of being found on local searches. We will Optimize google my business pages and increase organic Reviews; that’s why the GMB page can rank better. 


Do You know, What was the reason for an unexpected drop in organic traffic? Blackhat SEO activities can Destroy your Website Ranking. Our SEO Service in Bangladesh Includes these Penalty Recovery Services, and we use only white hat SEO techniques approved by Google. We perform regular link audits to ensure that you are compliant with Google’s guidelines.

Many clients already do SEO for their websites but still can’t see any ranking improvement. Our SEO consultancy service is for them. Creative Niloy offers SEO consulting services to help clients develop, implement, and optimize an SEO strategy for Ranking Improvement. We Perform complete SEO Audits and Suggest to Clients what to do Exactly for SEO Ranking.

Nowadays, E-commerce Business is Being More Popular, and E-commerce Websites are Increasing Day by day. Our e-commerce SEO services aim to help brands attract qualified customers and help them convert more sales. We’ll audit technical issues, optimize Product descriptions, and improve your Silo structure to encourage google bots for crawling your website. Additionally, we will apply Schema markup so that search engine bots can understand your site. We will increase the traffic to your online shop and makes it.

Global SEO Service: 

We’ll help you connect with your audience globally, which allows you to promote your products and services to international customers. You can maximize your brand visibility on a global level through our SEO Service in Bangladesh.

more profitable.

How will our Team Help you with SEO service in Bd?

After hiring us as the SEO service company in Bangladesh, we will ask for your website URL and the keywords you want to be targeted. We have a full-time SEO experts team who will do nothing but build quality links until the keywords you want to achieve High rankings in Google. If there are any on-page changes we need you to make, we will let you know. After that, our work starts based on the package you purchased.

Links are created in the first two weeks, and then we work on indexing them all in the second 2 weeks as well as providing those links with a tiered linking structure. The effects are amazing with many keywords dramatically climbing the rankings to TOP positions! After the first month, you can have us continue to work on the same five key terms, or if you’re happy with the ranking, you can have our work on five different keywords. You will receive a detailed report of your updated rankings every 30 days via email! Please understand that SEO is an ongoing process; many clients stick with us for 3-6 months or even longer to achieve 1st-page results for their website’s keywords. But The more competitive the niche/industry, the longer it can take us to get you to the 1st page.

Complete SEO Service in Bangladesh : Best Way to Bring Your Site on Top

Are you looking for the best way to drag organic visitors to your site?
It’s like one-way traffic!
You must be in the top three of SERPs to get more organic visitors from the web.
At CREATIVE NILOY, we offer the most effective SEO services across the globe. We are proud to be the best SEO service provider in Bangladesh.
Experience in ranking the leading consumer brands to the top in SERPs with the White Hat method makes us the reliable SEO service agency in Bangladesh. Our satisfied customer reviews can make you confident about us.
We have a complete SEO package to upright your business revenue dramatically within a short time. We’re exceptional because we don’t grasp the flow blindly. We follow their own hacks to organize your website correctly.
Every business has a specific scope and target audience. So, we do Site Audits based on the business type individually. Based on the report, we plan for a concrete strategy to bring your business to the top. We always plan best for you to beat your competitors and grow your business by increasing potential traffic on your site.

Proven White Hat SEO services with an Award-Winning Record

We are the best SEO Service Provider Company in Bangladesh Dhaka. All of our SEO Services are white hat so that your website does not down the internet search engine. Search engines are updated each day.
We do not only give SEO service in Bangladesh; however, also global SEO service as an SEO service Provider Company in Bangladesh.

What is the suggestion of the White Hat SEO solution? Why does it need ?

White-hat SEO solution is a process for you to get the added natural visitor. White hat SEO is commonly utilized to claim SEO, adhere to the online search engine standard, and develop your site SEO friendly.
Demand White hat SEO service? Don’t fret, and we will certainly provide a better SEO solution in our SEO service provider company in Bangladesh.

We have the highest SEO expert in Bangladesh in our SEO service provider company in Bangladesh. However, white hat SEO has a keyword ranking typically for a very long time. The black hat SEO does not have a long time for visitors to your web site or an internet site rank. A few days later, on the internet, search engine places down. This can be significant damage to your business on the online search engine. There is no reason for this. You can increase your service or sales once again by connecting with us in our SEO service provider company in Bangladesh. Utilizing the best SEO enables you to maintain your service in the current competitive market. You can take our best SEO solution. We continuously provide white hat SEO service in Bangladesh.

To contact us, go to our Contact page, where you can contact us by mobile or e-mail, or Skype. We are awaiting your brand-new project to work. Right Here Some SEO Packages for Bangladesh. Our all SEO procedure is white hat, and we are refraining from doing any type of Black hat SEO due to the fact that everyone recognizes black hat SEO is damaging to Business. , if you require more details you can call us without any kind of hold-up… We are always active to obtain your phone call. You Can Request SEO Packages for SEO Service in Bangladesh. After starting the Project, We enhance & place your Website for Bangladesh. Also, we can change the SEO cost in Bangladesh; because it depends upon your site and keywords.

Our Real-Time SEO Strategy | We drive targeted traffic to your site

☑️ Website Audit

☑️ Keyword Analysis

☑️ Competitive Analysis & Research

☑️ On-page Optimization

☑️ Content Optimization & Development

☑️ Off-page Optimization

☑️ Social Media Optimizations

☑️ Website Analytics Traffic Report

☑️ Monthly Reporting

SEO Strategy
Frequently Asked Questions

SEO is a set of measures to bring a website to the TOP of organic search results in Google. High positions allow you to attract more visitors to the site, which means more income from sales or advertising. You Can’t Avoid SEO Today Because:

  • People shop above 90% from online.
  • Google search is the primary source of organic traffic.
  • Organic results are more reliable than the paid campaign.
  • Improve your SERPs rank
  • Increase the usability of the website
  • Maximize traffic conversion to buyer
  • Lower traffic Bounce Rate
  • Bring more traffic and more business to you.
  • Help to Boost your business.

The success of SEO depends on several Ranking factors. The specificity of SEO does not allow giving guarantees and determining in advance what position the site will be in as a result.

However, we have maintained transparency in our planning, processes and SEO implementation for our clients’ benefit. We do our best to achieve the best results.

The cost of SEO Services depends on the selected keywords. In order to get a cost estimate, you need to create a project and customize it: enter keywords and specify a budget for them. But in Bangladesh, some SEO Agencies start their budget from 1 lac BDT.

The system gives an approximate forecast of visits for each keyword at the stage of launching a project; the exact number of visitors may differ from the estimates.

Some people say:

I started investing in SEO, traffic started, but there were no sales. What is the reason?

The ans is:

Traffic and sales are not identical concepts. There are many reasons for insufficient conversion: poor website design, inconvenient usability, poor support service, overpriced, etc. Another common mistake is attracting inappropriate traffic. This means that visitors are coming, but they are not initially interested in your product. In order to understand the reasons for poor sales, you should conduct a marketing audit of the site and correct the shortcomings.


  • Increasing customer engagement
  • Improve the ranking of a website
  • Helps to increase the selling of products
  • Promote business visibility and branding
  • Increase the value of online marketing
  • Better Return on Investment (ROI)

According to SEO industry standards, it usually takes 6 to 12 months to achieve the desired results when you opt for an SEO service from any SEO Service Provider in Bangladesh. That is because we only rely on white-hat SEO techniques that take time to Rank in Google Top. 

The result of SEO is not immediately visible. Much depends on the age of the site, its initial state, the level of competition in the industry and the region. As a guide: if the site is just launched, it should take at least 3-4 months before steady traffic goes. If the site has been working for a long time, then the results may be noticeable in less than one month. The main mistakes in website SEO are listed. 

According to statistics, the first ten positions take up to 80-90% of traffic for a specific keyword. This means that if your site is outside the TOP-10, then it does not receive a significant number of clicks, that is, you lose customers.

What Clients Say About Our Great SEO Service in Bangladesh

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