In this tutorial, II will discuss about What is SEO. Welcome everyone to my first series on SEO writing. Looking at the title, many may wonder, what is the meaning of A to Y? It should be A to Z. The content of SEO is so vast that no one can acquire complete knowledge, and the rules of SEO are always changing. So it’s up to A to Y.

There are many tutorials on SEO, I will try to give you ideas about SEO from entry-level to advanced level, although the basic rules are the same. So it is essential to know the Fundamental rules for SEO. Seo is a subject that can be acquired through knowledge sharing. And if you have trouble understanding the meaning of a word in my writing, you can Google it or let me know. I said a lot, let’s go to the main context.

What is SEO
What is SEO

What is SEO (search engine optimization), and why is it used?

There are two types of search results.


We will talk about organic search results here. Because it is free, and paid search results can be given Ad if you spend money.

First, we need to know how search works.

The search engine mainly works with two components:

Crawler – It mainly collects information from different websites (via spider, robot/bot). Here, Search Engine or SE mainly follows any link, collects information, and stores it in their database.
Algorithm – Here, the search engine analyzes the information obtained, provides ranking according to the relevancy and quality of the content of different pages. SE’s algorithm depends on many factors.

What is SEO? Basic Idea About SEO

SEO – search engine optimization. Defined in Bengali, SEO is a set of rules/techniques through which a website can get more visitors/traffic from different types of search engines (Google, MSN, Yahoo, etc.). The chances of getting visitors also increase a lot if you can get any website to the first page of the search engine through SEO.

To put it more simply: if we want to download a song, we usually do google search and search for that song line. Now notice that after we press the search button, google shows the names of some websites where we can get that song. In this way, google shows the names of 10 websites per page. You may be wondering why some sites came to the front page and why the rest of the websites went to the back page – is Google doing what it wants, or is there another reason behind it? Surely there is something special about the first page sites, which other sites do not have. Nothing special about this is the SEO strategy, which allows you to take your website to the first page. And the first page means more visitors.

Those who are new to SEO can follow Google Webmaster Guideline. If you follow basic rules, then you don’t have to worry much about SEO. We create a website for visitors, so if you can present exactly what they want to know, you are 50-60% SEO.

Why a visitor searches: Either they’re looking for an answer to a question, or they’re looking for a solution to a problem, or they want to meet their needs. If you can answer their questions, solve problems, or give them the information they need through your site, then you have no worries.

SEO is usually divided into three parts:

1.On-Page SEO
2.Technical SEO
3.Off-page SEO

On-page SEO: Put, what you say about your website, and off-page SEO is what others say about you.

Technical SEO: Technical SEO Refers to the Technical part of a website. Technical SEO can Hamper a website Ranking, so it is the most important part of a website SEO.

Off-page SEO: Off-page SEO Means the marketing for website link popularity. The main component of off-page SEO is Link Building with high authority and trustworthy websites.

Uses of SEO:

Suppose you have a baseball site that is currently ranked # 10. If you want someone to search for “Baseball Cards” in the search engine, it will show in the # 1 position that you have to SEO that site. SEO is usually done using a popular search term or keyword. Now, if you want to take your brand name to the top by SEO and be successful, it is not precisely SEO. Because the search engine is smart enough and can easily distinguish your company name and keyword. And the main thing is, the more competition for that keyword, the harder it is to rank in that keyword.

For this, it is better to do some planning before starting SEO. Suppose you open a new site, which already has millions of competitors, and another one builds a site that may have 1000 sites, now you tell me where it will be easier to compete in millions or within thousands?

Hence, it is essential to choose the right keyword for proper SEO planning of the site. If the keyword selection is incorrect, you will not get your desired results because people use these search terms when searching for something. So if you don’t know what people are looking for, how do you meet their needs.

Hope you can understand what is seo and There was an invitation to read the next episode.Thanks.