QA Testing: Assured Product Quality to Build Trust

QA Testing? Who expects a client’s complaint about their invention? Aren’t you aware of the investment? Many companies have shut down their business to compensate for the recall.

Are you shocked?

Do you need the best solution to prevent customer complaints and software recall? The apps or web QA testing can be the correct solution of your fear.

CREATIVE NILOY has the best and dedicated QA lab setup for checking, recommend and fixing the bug of your system. Fixing the bugs ensures the excellent usability and draws people to go for your apps than going for others.

Our QA testers can check the functionality, load, compatibility, usability, security, and features, etc.

Often you find the developers are weak in the documentation. But, we are proud to ensure complete documentation of our work the error profile, description, and codes

Marketing Can Be Overwhelming. The Good News Is, You Have Options.

1. Ask for your software or website and its testing requirement

2. Prepare a testing plan based on the requirement

3. Make a test design and send for your review

4. Preparation of test cases

5. Conduction of the test

6. Prepare a test report and bug/ error report

7. Fixing the bug and Conduct Regression testing

8. Completion of the tests ensure the proper usability

9. Release the software for future use

QA Testing: Assured Product Quality to Build Trust 1

How QA Testing can be helpful for you?

1.           Reduce customer complaint and recall

2.           Save your pocket by reducing investment

3.           Reduce software crash, data missing and break down of the communication channel

4.           Make customer confident about you and help to create everlasting relation

5.           QA Testing improves the user experience and reduces dissatisfaction

6.           Improves product sell in the market and increase profit

7.           Increase customers’ happy faces

8.           Enhance branding of the organization


9.           Improve productivity and increase efficiency

What makes us the best QA Service provider in Bangladesh?

ü Provide intellectual property

ü Compatible with different operating system and web

ü User friendly

ü Independent development and QA team

ü Maintenance support for bug fixing, editing, and disaster recovery

ü Document all of our activity

ü Proven track record of satisfied customer

ü Effective use of own technique

ü Maintain your privacy

ü Never fail a deadline

ü Always present for client support

ü Expert and motivated team

ü Dedicated expert for individual project

ü 100% complimentary client counseling

ü Fair deal that is budget friendly

ü Accept multiple payment options

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