Introduction Of SEO Training in Bangladesh

SEO training in Bangladesh is extremely crucial for gaining in-depth knowledge of the accurate and effective techniques for enhancing the page ranking of websites on major search engines. A piece of profound SEO knowledge and strategic implementation of the SEO tools is the only way to ensure high page ranking for a website best so that it always finds the targeted customers. 

But the SEO techniques are complex and require intense training and focus from the students to master the conventional and newly emerging tools of the optimization of websites on search engines.

At Creative Niloy, we have put in place a carefully designed SEO training in Bangladesh program to provide expertise in varied SEO techniques. Students who get SEO training at our SEO training center in Dhaka are fully able to work as individual professionals or find a satisfying job with a reputed company. 

You can depend on us for all the necessary expertise of search engine optimization so that you can do enough SEO work on your own website to enhance its ranking without hiring someone.

Advance SEO Training in Bangladesh

There is a lot of demand in the freelancing world of SEO or search engine optimization. If you search the online marketplace, you will understand how much work SEO has. Many peoples step into the world of freelancing without living an unemployed life at home. By freelancing, they eliminate their own unemployment.

As the days go by, the demand for SEO training is increasing along with SEO. For the first time in Bangladesh, we have brought the Advanced SEO Course, by which you can completely learn SEO. We will discuss all the advanced SEO techniques and give guidelines on making money from Fiverr at the end of the Advanced SEO Course in Bangladesh. So, Now is the time to do the best SEO course in Bangladesh!

Take advantage of the golden opportunity to learn advanced SEO and freelancing at home.

What You Will Need For This SEO Training in Bangladesh?

SEO Training in Bangladesh
  • A computer or laptop with an internet connection
  • The basic concept of computer and internet browsing
  • Minimum English Speaking & Writing Skills
  • Used to with Google Products
  • Basic Knowledge about search engines like google or yahoo or Bing
  • Dedication and Strength for Work.
  • Available Time For Practice 

Why Should You Do Advance SEO Training in Bd

Google is continuously updating its ranking algorithm with the opening of new websites in online. So you don’t have to work with the concept of SEO of the previous era, you have to know the updated SEO methods and work with the advanced SEO Strategies.

Currently, ranking a website requires good quality content and requires a lot of work. To know the advanced SEO methods, there is no alternative to doing an advanced SEO course in Bangladesh.

In 2021, SEO has become very popular among everyone. Many people have indeed worked with SEO in our country. But many of them have started working without any guidelines or training. It takes a lot of time for many to succeed. Again, many still do a lot of basic SEO, such as link building (bookmarking, Infographic Submission, article submission). Although it is a good income at first, you have to worry a lot about your career. The hourly rate is also very low in comparison. Sadly in many cases, it is below one dollar.

Up Work, PeoplePerHour or any other freelancing site has many good quality SEO projects. The higher the rate, the more serious the buyer is, the longer the project is, the lower the competition and the work to establish oneself as a real SEO expert. The concern is that our SEO experts are not getting or can do this kind of work.

One of the reasons we have researched because there is a lack of proper training, guidelines and necessary learning materials and various SEO tools. Moreover, there is a real lack of good quality trainers. There are various types of fraud associated with training.

As the best SEO training centre in Bangladesh, we Give Proper Guidelines and Proper Advance SEO Training in Bangladesh, that’s why a student really can Earn From Freelancing Marketplace.

Why choose me for Advanced SEO Training in Bd!

The reason should not be explained by me, but rather by others. In general, it is not possible or easy for those who come to take training in any subject to evaluate someone. In that case, it should be learned by talking to the alumni of that institution. Research the web – see what our student’s business is like, who their clients are, how the client’s feedback is, and what other experts say about them.

Reason for choosing me as the Best SEO trainer in Bangladesh:

☑️ I am currently one of the Top SEO EXPERT on Google.
SEO Expert in Bangladesh, Local SEO Expert in Bangladesh and many more keywords will find me on Google.
☑️ Completed batches of numerous projects including LEDP, LICT, SKIT, Scoopa
☑️ I have been providing SEO services since 2013. Also working in local and international markets since 2014
☑️ Currently a member of E-CAB’s Standing Committee (Startup Business)
☑️ During the course, you will get support from all the paid tools that you will not get from anyone else.
☑️ I am currently joining as a Senior Faculty at Peoplentech IT Institute.

Special benefits of Doing this Course:

☑️ If you miss the live class, you will get the video recording and the discussed files of that class in the next day course.
☑️ Completely free video course of a live class, (Many companies sell this video course alone for thousands of BDT.)
☑️ Assignment submitted at the end of each class. (10 marks for each assignment)
☑️ You will get practice files and content along with live classes for each class.
☑️ The first 15 minutes of each class will solve the previous class’s problems, and the next 1 hour will be the last 15 minutes of the main class Q&A session.
☑️ This course contains detailed and complete discussions and directions on how to start freelancing.
☑️ You don’t have to go anywhere to do our courses. You can do the course by joining our live class via the internet at home.
☑️ You can ask questions directly to the course instructor during the live class, talk and get your questions answered.
☑️ Certificates will be awarded at the end of the course, plus LifeTime Support via our forum and Facebook groups.
☑️ At the end of this course, you will be able to earn income online from home.
☑️ At the end of this SEO training in Bangladesh, you will be able to work as a digital marketer in different companies.

How Can You Get Benefited by Learning SEO with Creativeniloy?

We run the best SEO training center in Bangladesh and placement facility for anyone who intends to seek the knowledge. Our training techniques are as per the global standards. You will find well-structured modules and SEO experts to provide SEO Training in Bangladesh. Each project carries theoretical knowledge, and then the students are tested on a live project to teach them the ways to solve the SEO problems in practice.

We encourage the students to have more knowledge about the new techniques. You can rely on our SEO training techniques that aim at providing knowledge about all aspects of search engine optimization in clear language. Our SEO training in Bangladesh includes optimization in major search engines like Google, Yahoo and Bing. For an uninterrupted training schedule, we carry 24 hours high-speed broadband internet facility. And For online SEO Training in Bangladesh, We Use Paid Zoom Software to Maintain our Live Class.

Besides being an excellent SEO training center in Bangladesh, we also help our students to get high paying SEO jobs with reputed companies after they have finished the training with us. We have contacts with all major companies that regularly hire SEO Experts, and you can get a job with one of them through our SEO placement services. We can assure you of 100% placement help once you have completed the SEO Course in Bangladesh.

Find out if this course is right for you or not.

who can join in this SEO Training in Bangladesh: 

  • Website Owners or web business entrepreneur
  • Web Designer, Web Programmer, Web Design Instructor
  • SEO and Digital Marketing Freelancer
  • Online Marketing Agency
  • Any type of business organization that has an in-house SEO department.
  • Affiliate marketers or peoples who are interested in affiliate marketing
  • Blogger or interested in blogging
  • IT / Computer Science Student
  • Peoples Who need an extra income Except for Job
  • Housewives, who want to earn money from sitting at home

Importance of SEO Training in Bangladesh

Search marketing is an essential part of Internet business. The most important part of search marketing is search engine optimization. As an SEO expert, there are opportunities to build attractive careers worldwide. Moreover, using SEO knowledge, you can earn money in different ways on the web. Such as blogging, affiliate marketing or owning a business. With proper training, preparation and guidance, it becomes easier to succeed.

By SEO Training in Bangladesh, You can Create yourself as an SEO Consultant or Project Planner!
This course will start with the important and basic concept of search engine optimization. Then gradually advanced concepts and SEO strategies will be discussed and practiced. At the end of the course, all the participants will be able to create a complete SEO plan for a website.

Moreover, in other freelancing marketplaces, including,, you can do SEO and consultant type work, not SEO and assistant type work.
In addition to the freelancing site itself, since you will become an SEO expert, our guideline will help you build your own SEO company and a few people.
The truth is that serious buyers often do not want to work with freelancers. He wants to do business with Serious Business just like he does business. So a special session to create a strategy on SEO and other services by creating your own website.
Here are some examples of random projects that our students can do effortlessly if they bid.

  • Long Tail Keyword Research Expert
  • On-Page optimization Analysis
  • Link Building techniques and Business Outreach
  • SEO Project Plan & Implementation
  • Google Penalty Recovery / Link Analysis / Competitor Link Analysis
  • Blogging, affiliate marketing and SEO

In addition to freelancing or outsourcing services, earning from affiliate marketing, blogging, or niche sites has become popular. Whatever the purpose and method of creating a blog or website, it is necessary to do SEO to build traffic. This Advanced SEO course discusses in detail with affiliate marketing or blogging. So that after doing this course, students can study affiliate marketing and blogging core subjects or start affiliate marketing or blogging quickly by taking SEO Training in Bangladesh.

What makes our SEO Training in Bangladesh different from others?

We are the best SEO Training Center in Bangladesh. We will certainly instruct you on the tips of SEO within a very short time. You can enhance your occupation via our SEO training. We will certainly teach you the techniques of exactly how to obtain the leading ranking of a website in Google search engine and to obtain natural site visitors. To ensure that you can rank your site together with various other sites with SEO. We will certainly also teach you the pointers of online marketing besides SEO with the training of SEO. SEO is essential to web marketing.

Creative Niloy is the very best SEO training center in Bangladesh. We offer SEO training in Bangladesh. Search Engine Optimization is the best means to on the internet income you can advance your career through SEO. Today most of the students pick on the internet for a part-time job. A lot of them choose an online career. The need for SEO increases day by day. To learn SEO, you can build up your career. We are the very best SEO training center in Bangladesh with a real-life job throughout the SEO training session. In the marketplace for Bangladesh, you can obtain lots of CD and also online lectures, which is not possible for an SEO expert. Because day by day search engine algorithms have actually been upgraded, when you obtain admission to our training facility, we will not give any kind of CD. We will show you according to upgraded online search engine guidelines.

We are the most effective SEO training center in Bangladesh. Due to the fact that we are different training centers in Bangladesh. Why are we the most effective and also different as a result of some vital things that we offer world-class SEO training? Our SEO trainer constantly follows the most recent internet search engine guidelines? We have world-class SEO instructors who can guarantee as well as confidently supply world-class SEO training in Bangladesh. We are very mindful to our every trainee and also provide proper SEO training for every single student. We are dedicated to all students. We will certainly give lifetime support about SEO. We assist our every student in obtaining an operation online and also just how to generate income online. We find proper SEO to make Professional SEO Expert around the globe. We continuously try to obtain revenue for every student. We supply upgraded details for our students.

Why We are the best SEO training centre in Dhaka

Creative Niloy is the best SEO trainer in Bangladesh who provides online SEO training. We always give the most recent internet search engine formula for you to develop your much better profession. When you get our world-class SEO training in Bangladesh, our company believes that you can place any site locally as well as worldwide. You will be able to recognize the on-page and off-page SEO precisely with our SEO training. Our instructor is very helpful in getting you ready for the job. To build up your better career, get on point with our SEO training in Bangladesh.

We are the best SEO training center with a real-life job during SEO training. Primarily, there are two kinds of SEO that is on-page SEO and also off-page SEO. We offer best SEO training in Bangladesh so that a trainee can quickly make a website SEO friendly. We are dedicated to every student to supply appropriate SEO training and give specific guidelines to make specialist SEO. We like to offer SEO training in Bangladesh, and they want to discover advanced SEO training from us. We also provide online SEO training.
As the best SEO training center in Bangladesh, We offer Advanced SEO training in Bangladesh. Search Engine Optimization is the best means to on the internet income you can advance your career through SEO. Today most of the students pick on the internet for a part-time job. A lot of them choose an online career. The need for SEO increases day by day.

By learning SEO; you can build up your career. We are the very best SEO training center in Bangladesh with a real-life job throughout the SEO training in Bangladesh.
You will get lots of CD and video lectures in Bangladesh, which cannot teach SEO Properly. For this reason, as search engine algorithms are continually upgrading, when you register for our training program, we will not give you any kind of CD. We will provide a Lesson to you according to search engine guidelines.

Find Best SEO training center in Dhaka.

We give search engine optimization training in Dhaka, Bangladesh. There are numerous SEO training centers in Dhaka. But we are the best SEO training institute in Bangladesh because we keep up with Google updates, which are very important to every student. If you such as to get much better support then call us as well as time. We are ready to offer you world-class SEO training in Bangladesh.

Get Best SEO training in Bangladesh from Creative Niloy.
Creative Niloy has the best SEO trainer in Bangladesh. Search Engine Optimization is one of the most popular and integral online marketing techniques that can guarantee the desired results quickly. Some web designers don't know how to make a website SEO friendly. We provide SEO training in Bangladesh so that students can make their website SEO friendly easily. We are committed to every student to supply proper SEO training as well as provide specific standards to make an expert on SEO. We are also a cost-effective SEO provider Company in Bangladesh.
Learn With best SEO training center in Bangladesh.
There is no question regarding Creative Niloy is the SEO training in Dhaka. We are the most dedicated SEO training center in Dhaka. We always give you the appropriate guidelines to build your profession as an SEO professional globally. We are the best SEO training center in Dhaka, Bangladesh. We offer exceptional and also proper SEO training for our students. We show the white hat SEO technique. You can learn correct SEO with us.
Advanced SEO training in Dhaka with Creative Niloy
There is no question regarding Creative Niloy is the SEO training in Dhaka. We are the most dedicated SEO training center in Dhaka. We always give you the appropriate guidelines to build your profession as an SEO professional globally. We are the best SEO training center in Dhaka, Bangladesh. We offer exceptional and also proper SEO training for our students. We show the white hat SEO technique. You can learn correct SEO with us. Our SEO training modules are designed to significantly cut the SEO learning curve and teach you the insider knowledge necessary to optimize your website right the first time successfully. Creative Niloy’s SEO training consists of a combination of online webinars, email support, and live conference calls backed by written materials and a free copy of his content marketing guidebook.

How Our Online SEO Training in Bangladesh Can Help You?

If you cannot afford to hire a consultant to do organic SEO for your Website, then why not learn the insider knowledge necessary and do it yourself?We are Now Offering Online SEO Training in Bangladesh for Any Local Businesses Owners or Entrepreneurs. “Build Your Own Organic Search Result Success with Online SEO training in Bangladesh by Creative Niloy.”

Our Online SEO Training will Help you:

  • Quickly Learn of SEO fundamental knowledge.
  • Understanding of what is search engines and How it Work
  • How to do successful keyword research and targeting
  • How to do your own SEO competitive analysis
  • Techniques for optimizing your pages correctly.
  • How to build backlinks the right way

Creative Niloy is a Cost-effective SEO training center in Dhaka Bangladesh. Generally, there are two sorts of SEO that is on-page SEO as well as off-page SEO.

Now we go over on-page SEO. This is very crucial for ranking a website by on-page SEO. On-page SEO means internal work or coding degree functioning procedure in a website. Here is some On-page SEO strategy in our SEO Training in Bangladesh:

Keyword research: keyword research is a fundamental matter in on-page SEO. We give a proper strategy for every student.

Proper use of Meta tags: We teach every student how to utilize the different tag in the website title, content, etc.

Image optimization: We additionally teach correct image optimization on a website.

SEO friendly Content: we teach how to create SEO Friendly Content. You must know that content is king for SEO & online marketing. You can’t rank a website without web content.

Keywords density: keywords density is one of the most significant SEO factors of a website. Keywords density means how you incorporate search phrases in the web content.

Internal Link: An internal link suggests producing links between two different pages on the same site.

SEO friendly URL: We will instruct you on how to use SEO-friendly URLs in your website.

We are the best SEO training center in Bangladesh. We first teach on-page SEO and then off-page SEO. On-page means internal SEO, off-page SEO means promoting our website on another website and also growing organic traffic. Off-page SEO includes directories, social bookmarks, social media advertising, articles, news releases, discussion forum postings, etc.

We are the only one SEO Agency in bd who teaches technical SEO. Our Advanced SEO Course Module includes technical seo like Schema Markup, Advance Rich Snippet, Improve Loading Speed etc. After completing these classes, you can work in fiverr as a technical SEO Expert. Also can solve your own website Problems at once.

After Completing this Oline Course, We will Help You to earn in Upwork, freelancer and other Freelancing Marketplace. Our Freelancing Training is very much Usefull for beginers who dont know how to make money from fiverr and how to make money from upwork.

Course Outline For SEO Training In Bangladesh

  • Introducing with different search engines
  • What are Search Engine Optimization and its importance?
  • How SEO works in Internet Marketing
  • Why does my website need SEO?
  • Learning how Search Engine works
  • Key audiences for your site
  • Perception of website promotion method (SEO, SMM. PPC and others)
  • White Hat SEO VS Black Hat SEO
  • Types of SEO and learning of SEO tools and related terms
  • Domain Authority, Page Authority, Trust Flow, Citation Flow
  • Google sandbox effect and recovering from Google’s Sandbox.
  • Alexa Rank
  • Bounce Rate
  • Crawling and indexing
  • Link Juice and NoFollow Links, DoFollow Links.
  • Keyword Density and Keyword Stuffing
  • Learn more about Pay Per Click Campaigns
  • Search Engine Marketing Strategy Analysis
  • Mastering Google Search Operators
  • Brainstorm for building a list of seed keywords
  • How to find a profitable Niche for Amazon and Adsense
  • The perfect Niche Research process
  • How to do Keyword Research the Smart way
  • Using Keyword and keyword phrase research tools.
  • Smart Keyword Research with Keyword Planner Longtail Pro, Keyword Revealer, KWfinder, Ahrefs, etc.
  • How to use Soolve for Keyword Research
  • How to do keyword research with UberSuggest.
  • How to use Google Trends for Keyword analysis
  • Using discussion forums to identify niche markets
  • Using Wikipedia for Keywords Research
  • Simple but effective Method to find Long Tail Keywords
  • Keyword Golden Ratio for Amazon Affiliate Websites
  • Researching LSI keywords
  • Finding informative keywords / Product Keyword / Review Keyword? Buying Keyword
  • Commercial Intent- A crucial factor for keyword research
  • How to determine Commercial Intent behind a Keyword
  • SEO Competitive Analysis Simple and Effective Guide ( Manually)
  • Finalize your keyword selection by assessing the Competition
  • Common Mistakes in Keyword Research
  • How to Analyze competitors On-Page SEO factors
  • Finalize your keyword research
  • How to Analyze Competitors Link Profile
  • Detailed Site Analysis
  • SEO friendly website layout and design
  • SEO Yoast Plugin configuration process
  • Title optimization
  • How to write a title tag for SEO
  • Using Modifiers in the Title Tag to Rank long-tail Keywords
  • How to Optimize Header Tags for Good SEO
  • Using LSI keywords in your content
  • Using Multimedia for SEO
  • Why you must use long-form content for SEO
  • How to use internal linking strategy to get a Ranking boost
  • Understanding Keyword Prominence
  • Understanding Outbound Links
  • Meta Keyword
  • Meta description
  • How to optimize header tags for Good SEO
  • Canonicalization and Canonical Tag
  • Understanding Breadcrumbs
  • SEO friendly permalinks setup
  • Image Files, sizes and tags optimization
  • Page loading speed
  • Understanding the Bounce Rate of a website
  • How to Decrease the Bounce Rate
  • Dwell time: What you need to know about SEO
  • Html status codes error and redirection process
  • Using Social Sharing Buttons for User Engagement
  • How to add a Web Property to Google Search Console account
  • How to add a new user to Google Search Console account
  • Explaining Search Appearance on Google Search Console
  • Understanding HTML Improvements Report in Google Search Console
  • How to use the search analytics report in Google Search Console
  • Explaining links to your sites report in Google Search Console
  • Finding Index Status of your website in Google Search Console
  • Understanding the Crawl Errors report in Google Search Console
  • Understanding the Fetch as Google Tool in Google Search Console
  • How to remove URLs from google index
  • Understanding the robots txt Format
  • XML sitemap creation
  • Detect Bad Backlinks and Removal Process through webmaster
  • Link disavow with Ahrefs
  • Google Analytics Setup and website Traffic monitoring
  • Bing webmaster verification
  • Content Writing Process
  • SEO friendly Content Writing Process
  • Building stackable content
  • Long content writing Tips
  • Introducing with Content writing Tools
  • Amazon Reviews writing process
  • Content marketing roundup
  • Understand Off-Page SEO
  • What is Backlink/ Link Building
  • Best Anchor Text Distribution for SEO
  • The concept of Link Juice
  • Blog Commenting
  • How to find blogs for commenting using Google Alerts
  • Using Google Alerts for monitoring SEO activities
  • Forum Posting/ Contextual Link building
  • How to earn a backlink from Wikipedia
  • How to get Backlinks from Edu and Gov Domains
  • Using Quota to drive targeted traffic to your website
  • RSS submission
  • Directory Submission/ Social Bookmarking
  • Guest Posting
  • Web 2.0 Backlinks
  • Understanding the Skyscraper Technique to earn Quality Backlinks and Traffic
  • Understanding broken link building: White Hat SEO Technique
  • How to use unlinked brand mentions for Link Acquisition
  • How to use memes to increase your website’s traffic
  • Proven Step-by-Step Blueprint for developing Viral infographics
  • How to reserve your Brand on the internet
  • Using Rating and Review sites to boost local search traffic
  • How to use HARO to get Media mentions
  • How to earn Backlink using Link Roundups
  • Resource page link building
  • Editorial Link
  • How to use for Content Curation
  • Documents/ PDF/ Slide Sharing
  • Private Blog Networking process (PBN)
  • 404/ Broken Link identify and solve
  • The Panda update
  • The Penguin Update
  • The Hummingbird update
  • Google Maccabees Update
  • Google Mobile-Friendly Update
  • Google RankBrain Algorithm Update
  • How to avoid link Spamming
  • Factors Influencing link Popularity
  • Does SEO truly Deliver ROI?
  • Measuring SEO Success
  • Track your site’s search engine rankings
  • Understanding Google Ranking Factors
  • Track the amount of traffic your site is receiving.
  • Track the number of sales/ conversations your site receives.
  • Key Site Metrics to Look at regularly
  • Analyzing your website with the Screaming Frog SEO Spider
  • How to perform the SEO Audit
  • Using Social media websites for reputation management
  • Building a responsive audience in Social Media
  • Facebook Marketing Strategy
  • Facebook Paid Advertising Guideline
  • Twitter Marketing Guideline
  • Beginner’s guide to Pinterest to Drive Niche related Traffic
  • Joining Pinterest as a business
  • Marketing process with SoundCloud and VK
  • Introducing to Google my business
  • Creating marketing contents for Social Media
  • Active Keyword marketing through Google plus
  • Video Marketing Through video sharing site
  • Youtube Video Marketing and monetizing
  • Image Marketing through Images Sharing Site
  • How to use Tumblr to drive targeted traffic and Backlinks
  • How to drive traffic with Instagram
  • How to use Reddit to drive Viral Traffic and Quality Backlinks to your website
  • What is Site Architecture?
  • What is Search Engine Compatible Site Architecture
  • Elements of Site Architecture that impact Search Ranking
  • Understanding domain and hosting
  • How to choose the right domain for your business
  • How to choose the right domain for your business
  • How to choose Short and Brandable Domain
  • Install SSL Certificate
  • Mistakes to Avoid when Selecting your domain name
  • WordPress: What and Why
  • WordPress for beginners: Install and Setup
  • Tour of the WordPress dashboard
  • Permalink settings and how to use them for maximum SEO benefit
  • Creating Pages and posts
  • How to set up contact and about page
  • Publishing and scheduling posts
  • Working with images
  • How to add categories
  • How to add a new menu tab on WordPress?
  • Installing Free and Premium Themes
  • Installing Free and Premium Plugins
  • How to work with the visual composer in WordPress
  • The full Website Design process with Thrive Architect
  • How to setup WordPress for either a blog or a static site
  • Creating the front page
  • Creating the Site Logo
  • How to Add a Favicon to your site
  • WordPress Security
  • How to Backup and Restore WordPress Sites
  • Easy Ways to speed up WordPress
  • Responsive Layouts
  • Love Project on Amazon Niche site-building
  • Amazon Affiliate Marketing Basic
  • Payment System
  • Why Amazon Affiliate Marketing
  • Amazon Associate account creation
  • Product/ Niche Selection
  • Keyword Research
  • Keyword Competition Analysis
  • Keyword Finalization
  • Domain/ Hosting Selection
  • Amazon Review Writing Process
  • Website Creation
  • Choose the Right Wp theme.
  • Necessary Plugin setup
  • Content publishing methods
  • Monetization
  • Upwork.Com / /
  • Creating an Account
  • Updating Upwork profile (different Category)
  • Up work Readiness Test
  • Writing Effective Cover Letter on Upwork
  • How to bid an hourly price project
  • How to bid a fixed price project
  • How to use Upwork team software
  • Adding portfolio projects in Upwork profile
  • How to communicate with clients
  • How to make reports after finishing a project.
  • Secret tips for getting more jobs from a new Upwork account.
  • / / people per hour rules and regulations
  • How to Apply Mastercard (Payoneer)
  • Getting Payoneer Card Safely
  • How to activate your Mastercard
  • How to add the bank account in Upwork
  • How to Apply Mastercard (Payoneer)
  • Getting Payoneer Card Safely
  • How to activate your Mastercard
  • How to add the bank account in Upwork
  • Internship during Practical Session and qualifying exams
  • Lifetime Support via a Facebook secret group. Face 2 Face meeting
  • Live projects compatible with market-place.

Advance SEO & Freelancing Course Module 2021

Frequently Asked Questions:

What is a Search Engine?
Google, Yahoo, Bing, etc., are the search engines. Google is the most popular search engine. If you want to find information on a topic through a search engine, it will show you the best possible site accordingly. You can find out about them by visiting them. Suppose you He started searching on Google by typing SEO beginner tutorials. Then Google will show you a list of sites that have SEO tutorials. And this is the job of search engines.
Why SEO is Important For Every online Business?
SEO will be done for marketing or promotion of any service or product. For example, if Exponent were not optimized their website for Google, we would search for Exponent and not find any other organization that has done SEO, and of course, they are competitors of Exponent in the physical market. This means that the exponent lags far behind their competitors in terms of their business. And this is why in order to lead the market, an organization will do search engine optimization to reach the customer. Because now the world is advancing technologically, and Bangladesh is also advancing. And there is a growing tendency to get information for oneself through the internet, so traders also have to reach out to the internet so that those customers do not get lost.
What is the job market for SEO?
SEO is a big industry, so it is not possible to learn everything. What is needed is to learn. From that point of view, SEO is learned for two reasons: 1. To meet your needs. 2. To build a career in SEO. The SEO profession has extreme potential. Much has emerged from previous discussions as to why the current market giant needs the help of the Internet and Google to become a company. And a company must have some employees. And don't think that since SEO is a big deal, a company must have one or more employees for SEO marketing, whether it is permanent or outsourced. And it goes without saying that there are no organizations today that don't need internet dependent marketing, say e-commerce ventures and say training centers, everyone needs them. And since outsourcing has opened the door for you to work not just within the country, but for any part of the world, will there really be a shortage of work?
What are the Common Problems to face in SEO?
Some of the problems I have seen and faced in my experience are: 1. When it comes to doing SEO for someone else, as a service it is not possible to fully convince the client about the results, that, of course, the site will come to the first page within the deadline Google or the page rank will increase to a certain value. The main reason is that Google's algorithm is constantly changing. Using one method at the beginning of the campaign, it is seen that the algorithm has changed again in the middle. 2. Not being able to keep up with the constant updates of SEO. 3. SEO automation or creating an automated SEO campaign shows that the campaign is ruined due to Google algorithms’ movement. 4. Because of their inexperience in the beginning, many people want to learn the old methods by searching Google, and the danger is that the Google algorithm is changing in such a way that today's ethical or white-hat SEO will change tomorrow's unethical or black-hat SEO. He takes shape. And doing black hat SEO means doing the opposite
What is search engine optimization?
Suppose you did a WordPress beginner tutorial search on Google and now he gave you a result. Notice that the first site here is Now the way this site has come to the forefront of Google's first page out of so many sites, this is search engine optimization. In other words, the way you bring your site to the first page on Google, this work is called SEO or search engine optimization.
Why do SEO courses? Isn't Google enough to learn?
Yes, of course, Google is enough, because we get the resources of trainers from all over the world from Google. But the thing to understand is that the problems I have mentioned above, I said that the old method that is used to learn from Google gives the opposite result, such as your site can not be shown on the Google page. How do you know if they are old or not? Since blogging can be a source of income, many unskilled SEO workers can write tutorials on SEO so that there are many mistakes, which means you will learn from mistakes. All in all, you need a self-contained mentor to learn. However, it is no longer a matter of English and arithmetic to have a private tutor, and it requires a training center. So I don't like training centers. But now there are some training centers about which I have a positive view. This is because the leaders and trainers of these training centers are coming up with thousands of tips on SEO or any other subject through Facebook, blogs, etc., and it is completely free. And those who are teaching in this way for free, they will not teach anything if they do the course with only a nominal fee.
How many lectures will there be in this SEO course in Bangladesh?
The course will have a total of 16 classes which can be further increased as required, with two or three classes per week.
How much is the SEO course fee?
The Course fee of Our SEO Training in Bangladesh starts for as-little-as 7,500 BDT. Learn the necessary skills to SEO and optimize your website by yourself. Become an SEO Expert in Bangladesh and save thousands on your own search engine optimization Budget! The number of seats is only 10. Those who are interested in joining this SEO Course by paying a certain amount, you can Call us any time. Visit this link: to get many payment options. If a special team wants to come from any school/college/university, time will be given especially according to their convenience.


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🏠 151/7 Green Rd, Dhaka 1205, Bangladesh

📲 01710-424241

📧 [email protected]

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